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Retrospective Board


This is a Retrospective Idea board, powering

It features the following technologies:

How to run for production (or to try it out)

  • Clone this repository
  • npm i to install the dependencies (Node 4+, NPM 3+)
  • npm run build to build everything (client and server)
  • npm start to run the server on port 8080
  • Open your browser on http://localhost:8080

How to run for development

  • Clone this repository
  • npm i to install the dependencies (Node 4+, NPM 3+)
  • Open another terminal (you need two of those)
  • npm run start-server on the first terminal to start the server bit
  • npm run start-ui on the second terminal, to run live webpack with hot-reload
  • Open your browser on http://localhost:8081

How to run the tests

  • Clone this repository
  • npm i to install the dependencies (Node 4+, NPM 3+)
  • npm test to run the tests
  • or npm run test-watch to run the tests every time you change a file

How to use Google Analytics

By default, Google Analytics is deactivated (it doesn't even get build into the bundle).

To enable it, create a configuration file by copying /config/configuration_template.json to /config/configuration.json, and set it up by pasting your GA tracking ID, and setting the other setting to true, then rebuild.

Note: Google Analytics only works when using the production webpack config.

How to use MongoDB

By default, the database engine is NeDB, an in-process database with no external dependencies (i.e. no database to install on your system).

If you want to use a more "production-ready" database such as MongoDB, create the configuration file as explained above and set DB_Use_Mongo to true. You will of course need an instance of MongoDB running on your system for that to work.

How to enable SocketIO anti-spam

It's very easy to abuse a SocketIO connection, by running some code in your console and doing io.emit('spam') in an infinite loop to create a DOS attack on the server.

To enable a rate-limiting fix for this attack, set Use_Anti_Spam to true in the config file.

How to debug

Debugging the server

  • Run npm run start-server-debug
  • Don't forget to start the client side as well npm run start-ui
  • A Chrome Dev tool will open, wait a bit until it finishes loading
  • It will break at the first line of code, so once it's there, click continue
  • Then wait a bit (could be 20-30 seconds) for the code to run and the server to work properly
  • From now on, you can set up a breakpoint anywhere in the Chrome Dev tools and it should work.
  • Happy debugging!

Debugging the client

  • Run both client and server normally (npm run start-server and npm run start-ui)
  • From the browser window where the website is open, open the Chrome Dev tools
  • Go on the Sources tab, and on the left, find your sources under webpack:// and then ..
  • You can then put breakpoints in there and debugging


  • Add more languages
  • Unit tests
  • GraphQL

Versions history

Version 0.7.0

  • The tool is now feature complete
  • Good test coverage, using Jest
  • Russian Translation (Thanks @vectart)
  • Spanish Translation (Thanks @andresin87)
  • Replacing PNG flags by SVG/CSS versions
  • Using react-hot-loader 3.0.0 (beta2) for Hot reloading
  • Fixing a few mobile/responsive issues

Version 0.6.1

  • React-toolbox 1.0.0
  • Debugging instructions

Version 0.6.0

  • Added the ability to edit existing posts inline (posts you wrote)
  • Adding a new Invite button to simplify and explain how to invite other people
  • Removing the snackbar
  • Removing ES7 decorators, as they are not standard yet
  • Removing hash on CSS and JS on production (not necessary since we have the version number)

Version 0.5.2

  • Fixed a bug on the anti-spam when if using a proxy (nginx for instance), the wrong ip was used
  • Fixed a bug where the linting would fail if the default configuration was used (thanks @veselignome)

Version 0.5.1

  • Full support of ESLint, based on AirBnB rules
  • Adding an anti-spam for SocketIO, because someone is having fun crashing my server (thanks!)

Version 0.5.0

  • Adding the possibility to join a previously joined session quickly (Thanks @Sonaryr)
  • Performance improvement on title edit (Also thanks to @Sonaryr)
  • New Logo!
  • Added Favicons

Version 0.4.1

  • Updated the screenshot on the readme
  • package.json version updated properly this time

Version 0.4.0

  • Improved the "Create Session" page, allows a user to create a session with a custom name
  • Ability to edit that session name in real-time (by anyone)
  • Added a "Summary Mode": this gives a summary of a current session, allowing a user to copy-paste the entire content easily
  • New shorter session IDs
  • New look-and-feel (new colours)
  • Using reselect to create memoized selectors
  • Improving performance by using shouldComponentUpdate via a custom base Component
  • Updated to the brand new React 15
  • Improving Windows support by allowing Windows users to use the same commands as *nix users
  • Internationalisation: added Dutch to the list of supported languages

Version 0.3.0

  • Adding support for more robust databases (NeDB, by default, in process, and MongoDB)
  • Change to the Like / Unlike logic: a user can now only vote once, and not for his own posts
  • Change to the Like / Unlike logic: like and unlikes counts are separated
  • Adding ES7 decorators, more readable than the previous curry-ed functions
  • Better support for Windows
  • Internationalisation: added Brazilian Portuguese to the list of supported languages

Version 0.2.0

  • Using redux-saga instead of redux-thunk
  • Persistence: Simple persistence to disk (no database needed)
  • Support for Google Analytics (with precise events monitoring)
  • Ability to logout, and to leave a session
  • Improve the reliability of the clients list (currently connected users)
  • Fix issues when the web fonts can't load (firewall blocking for example)
  • Internationalisation: support for English, French and Hungarian

Version 0.1.1

  • Minor visual tweaks
  • Better console logs, server side
  • Big clean up of un-used files and old libs

Version 0.1.0

  • First production version
  • Basic functionalities are there and working
  • Login
  • Creating a session
  • Joining a session
  • Adding new posts
  • Like / Unlike posts
  • Ability to delete our own posts
  • List of connected users
  • No persistence (yet)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to name my session so I can remember easily how to come back to it?

You can actually change the session ID in the URL with anything you like: for example

Try not to take a too common name though, to avoid anyone else finding your session by chance.

You can also use the "Advanced" tab when creating a session, and provide a name.


Many thanks to the following contributors who helped translating the app:

If you are a native speaker of another language, please don't hesitate to make a pull request to add a translation.

Special thanks to @andresin87 for pointing the flag-icon-css package to me, it replaces the PNG flags in a neater way.

Please make your PRs from the develop branch, not master.

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