Spotify Remote for Visual Studio (2015/2017)


For Visual Studio (20152017)

License: License MIT
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Getting started


  1. Download the installer package (VSIX) from the Visual Studio marketplace.
  2. Run the Visual Studio extension installer (VSIX).
  3. Restart Visual Studio.
  4. Go to view > Toolbars and Select SpotifyRemote

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Can it also start Spotify from Visual Studio?
It will when you click a command and Spotify is not running.

Frequent Asked Questions

Does it work on Visual Studio 2017?
Yes it does, try it.

What can SpotifyRemote do?
1. Currently you can do the basic commands such as: * Open Spotify, * Play * Pause * Next * Previous

  1. Showing Track name & Artist when it changes.

But that’s not where it stops, See Features to so what is planned. You can also make a feature request (at github).

Can I help with development?
Sure you can, please fork and do your developer magic. Afterwards create a pull request.
And if your changes are stable it will be merged in the release version

What version of Windows do I need?
At least Windows 7 , Visual Studio 2015 is only supported on Windows 7 and later

What version of Visual Studio do I need?
At least Visual Studio 2015



  • [x] Start Spotify
  • [x] Open Spotify
  • [x] Play / Pause
  • [x] Skip / Previous
  • [x] Shows track title upon change.


  • [ ] Create better interface (update icons).
  • [ ] Hide Text of play control buttons when spotify is not active.
  • [ ] Settings in tools menu.
  • [ ] Awesome features people request.

Do you miss a feature? Submit a request here: Github

About SpotifyRemote

SpotifyRemote is a attempt to recreate the awesome vscode-spotify plugin from shyykoserhiy.
This project is open source and I encourage forks and pull requests.
Please submit bug reports and feature requests at Github.


SpotifyRemote is released under the MIT License.

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