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Analytics services for Django projects


The django-analytical application integrates analytics services into a Django_ project.

Using an analytics service with a Django project means adding Javascript tracking code to the project templates. Of course, every service has its own specific installation instructions. Furthermore, you need to include your unique identifiers, which then end up in the templates. Not very nice.

This application hides the details of the different analytics services behind a generic interface, and keeps personal information and configuration out of the templates. Its goal is to make the basic set-up very simple, while allowing advanced users to customize tracking. Each service is set up as recommended by the services themselves, using an asynchronous version of the Javascript code if possible.

Currently supported services:

  • Chartbeat_ traffic analysis
  • Clickmap_ visual click tracking
  • Clicky_ traffic analysis
  • Crazy Egg_ visual click tracking
  • Gaug.es_ realtime traffic tracking
  • Google Analytics_ traffic analysis
  • GoSquared_ traffic monitoring
  • HubSpot_ inbound marketing
  • KISSinsights_ feedback surveys
  • KISSmetrics_ funnel analysis
  • Mixpanel_ event tracking
  • Olark_ visitor chat
  • Optimizely_ A/B testing
  • Performable_ web analytics and landing pages
  • Reinvigorate_ visitor tracking
  • SnapEngage_ live chat
  • Spring Metrics_ conversion tracking
  • UserVoice_ user feedback and helpdesk
  • Woopra_ web analytics

The documentation can be found in the docs directory or read online. The source code and issue tracker are generously hosted by GitHub.

If you want to help out with the development of django-analytical, by posting detailed bug reports, proposing new features or other analytics services to support, or suggesting documentation improvements, use the issue tracker_. If you want to get your hands dirty, great! Clone the repository, make changes and send a pull request. Please do create an issue to discuss your plans.

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