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Entity Framework Core is a lightweight and extensible version of the popular Entity Framework data access technology

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Entity Framework Core

Documentation on using EF Core is available at https://docs.microsoft.com/ef/.

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EF Core here, EF6 elsewhere

This project is for Entity Framework Core. Entity Framework 6.x is still under active development at https://github.com/aspnet/EntityFramework6.

What is EF Core?

Entity Framework (EF) Core is a lightweight and extensible version of the popular Entity Framework data access technology.

EF Core is an object-relational mapper (O/RM) that enables .NET developers to work with a database using .NET objects. It eliminates the need for most of the data-access code that developers usually need to write.

Database Providers

The source for SQL Server, SQLite, and InMemory providers are included in this project. Additional providers are available. For a complete list, see https://docs.microsoft.com/ef/core/providers/.

Provider Package name Stable (master branch) Nightly (dev branch)
SQL Server Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer NuGet MyGet
SQLite Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SQLite NuGet MyGet
InMemory (for testing) Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.InMemory NuGet MyGet


For more details on the release schedule, see the Roadmap article in the wiki.

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