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A Ruby gem that specifies attack result constants for Themis Finals, CTF contest checking system.


gem install themis-finals-attack-result

or just add gem 'themis-finals-attack-result' to your Gemfile and run bundle.

Attack results

Status Code Description
Themis::Finals::Attack::Result::SUCCESS_FLAG_ACCEPTED 0 Flag has been accepted
Themis::Finals::Attack::Result::ERR_GENERIC 1 Generic error
Themis::Finals::Attack::Result::ERR_INVALID_IDENTITY 2 The attacker doesn’t appear to be a team
Themis::Finals::Attack::Result::ERR_CONTEST_NOT_STARTED 3 Contest hasn’t been started yet
Themis::Finals::Attack::Result::ERR_CONTEST_PAUSED 4 Contest has been paused
Themis::Finals::Attack::Result::ERR_CONTEST_COMPLETED 5 Contest has been completed
Themis::Finals::Attack::Result::ERR_INVALID_FORMAT 6 Submitted data has invalid format
Themis::Finals::Attack::Result::ERR_ATTEMPTS_LIMIT 7 Attack attempt limit exceeded
Themis::Finals::Attack::Result::ERR_FLAG_EXPIRED 8 Flag has expired
Themis::Finals::Attack::Result::ERR_FLAG_YOURS 9 Flag belongs to the attacking team and therefore won’t be accepted
Themis::Finals::Attack::Result::ERR_FLAG_SUBMITTED 10 Flag has been already accepted before
Themis::Finals::Attack::Result::ERR_FLAG_NOT_FOUND 11 Flag hasn’t been found
Themis::Finals::Attack::Result::ERR_SERVICE_NOT_UP 12 The attacking team service isn’t up and therefore flag from the same service of other teams won’t be accepted


Themis::Finals::Attack::Result is a simple ruby-enum class.


MIT @ Alexander Pyatkin

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