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A command-line utility that creates projects from cookiecutters (project templates). E.g. Python package projects, jQuery plugin projects.



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A command-line utility that creates projects from cookiecutters (project templates), e.g. creating a Python package project from a Python package project template.

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We are proud to be an open source sponsor of PyCon 2016_.


Did someone say features?

  • Cross-platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux are officially supported.

  • Works with Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, and PyPy. (But you don’t have to know/write Python code to use Cookiecutter.)

  • Project templates can be in any programming language or markup format: Python, JavaScript, Ruby, CoffeeScript, RST, Markdown, CSS, HTML, you name it. You can use multiple languages in the same project template.

  • Simple command line usage:

    .. code-block:: bash

    # Create project from the cookiecutter-pypackage.git repo template
    # You'll be prompted to enter values.
    # Then it'll create your Python package in the current working directory,
    # based on those values.
    $ cookiecutter
    # For the sake of brevity, repos on GitHub can just use the 'gh' prefix
    $ cookiecutter gh:audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage
  • Use it at the command line with a local template:

    .. code-block:: bash

    # Create project in the current working directory, from the local
    # cookiecutter-pypackage/ template
    $ cookiecutter cookiecutter-pypackage/
  • Or use it from Python:

    .. code-block:: python

    from cookiecutter.main import cookiecutter
    # Create project from the cookiecutter-pypackage/ template
    # Create project from the cookiecutter-pypackage.git repo template
  • Directory names and filenames can be templated. For example::


  • Supports unlimited levels of directory nesting.

  • 100% of templating is done with Jinja2. This includes file and directory names.

  • Simply define your template variables in a cookiecutter.json file. For example:

    .. code-block:: json

        "full_name": "Audrey Roy",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "project_name": "Complexity",
        "repo_name": "complexity",
        "project_short_description": "Refreshingly simple static site generator.",
        "release_date": "2013-07-10",
        "year": "2013",
        "version": "0.1.1"
  • Unless you suppress it with --no-input, you are prompted for input:

    • Prompts are the keys in cookiecutter.json.
    • Default responses are the values in cookiecutter.json.
    • Prompts are shown in order.
  • Cross-platform support for ~/.cookiecutterrc files:

    .. code-block:: yaml

        full_name: "Audrey Roy"
        email: "[email protected]"
        github_username: "audreyr"
    cookiecutters_dir: "~/.cookiecutters/"
  • Cookiecutters (cloned Cookiecutter project templates) are put into ~/.cookiecutters/ by default, or cookiecutters_dir if specified.

  • If you have already cloned a cookiecutter into ~/.cookiecutters/, you can reference it by directory name:

    .. code-block:: bash

    # Clone cookiecutter-pypackage
    $ cookiecutter gh:audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage
    # Now you can use the already cloned cookiecutter by name
    $ cookiecutter cookiecutter-pypackage
  • You can use local cookiecutters, or remote cookiecutters directly from Git repos or from Mercurial repos on Bitbucket.

  • Default context: specify key/value pairs that you want used as defaults whenever you generate a project

  • Inject extra context with command-line arguments:

    .. code-block:: bash

    $ cookiecutter --no-input gh:msabramo/cookiecutter-supervisor program_name=foobar startsecs=10
  • Direct access to the Cookiecutter API allows for injection of extra context.

  • Pre- and post-generate hooks: Python or shell scripts to run before or after generating a project.

  • Paths to local projects can be specified as absolute or relative.

  • Projects are always generated to your current directory.

Available Cookiecutters

Making great cookies takes a lot of cookiecutters and contributors. We’re so pleased that there are many Cookiecutter project templates to choose from. We hope you find a cookiecutter that is just right for your needs.

Cookiecutter Specials ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

These Cookiecutters are maintained by the cookiecutter team:

  • cookiecutter-pypackage: @audreyr’s ultimate Python package project template.
  • cookiecutter-django_: A bleeding edge Django project template with Bootstrap 4, customizable users app, starter templates, working user registration, celery setup, and much more.
  • cookiecutter-pytest-plugin: Minimal Cookiecutter template for authoring pytest plugins that help you to write better programs.

Categories of Cookiecutters ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Python_ | Python-Django_ | Python-Pyramid_ | Cookiecutter (meta)_ | Ansible_ | Git_ | C_ | C++_ | C#_ | Common Lisp_ | Elm_ | Golang_ | Java_ | JS_ | Kotlin_ | LaTeX/XeTeX_ | PHP_ | Berkshelf-Vagrant_ | HTML_ | Scala_ | 6502 Assembly_ | Data Science_ | Tornado_ | Reproducible Science_

If you don’t find a cookiecutter that suits your needs here, please consider writing or suggesting one. We wish for our users to find a solution for their use cases, and we provide a list of other projects that we do not maintain for your convenience (please see the Similar Projects_ section).


The core committer team is @audreyr, @pydanny, @michaeljoseph, @pfmoore, and @hackebrot_. We welcome you and invite you to participate.

Stuck? Try one of the following:

  • See the Troubleshooting_ page.
  • Ask for help on Stack Overflow_.
  • You are strongly encouraged to file an issue_ about the problem, even if it’s just “I can’t get it to work on this cookiecutter” with a link to your cookiecutter. Don’t worry about naming/pinpointing the issue properly.
  • Ask for help on Gitter_ if you must (but please try one of the other options first, so that others can benefit from the discussion)

Development on Cookiecutter is community-driven:

  • Huge thanks to all the contributors_ who have pitched in to help make Cookiecutter an even better tool.
  • Everyone is invited to contribute. Read the contributing instructions_, then get started.

Connect with other Cookiecutter contributors and users on Gitter_:

Encouragement is unbelievably motivating. If you want more work done on Cookiecutter, show support:

  • Thank a core committer for their efforts.
  • Star Cookiecutter on GitHub_.
  • Join the Cookiecutter Gittip community_.

Got criticism or complaints?

  • File an issue_ so that Cookiecutter can be improved. Be friendly and constructive about what could be better. Make detailed suggestions.
  • Keep us in the loop so that we can help. For example, if you are discussing problems with Cookiecutter on a mailing list, file an issue_ where you link to the discussion thread and/or cc at least 1 core committer on the email.
  • Be encouraging. A comment like “This function ought to be rewritten like this” is much more likely to result in action than a comment like “Eww, look how bad this function is.”

Waiting for a response to an issue/question?

  • Be patient and persistent. All issues are on the core committer team’s radar and will be considered thoughtfully, but we have a lot of issues to work through. If urgent, it’s fine to ping a core committer in the issue with a reminder.
  • Ask others to comment, discuss, review, etc.
  • Search the Cookiecutter repo for issues related to yours.
  • Need a fix/feature/release/help urgently, and can’t wait? @audreyr_ is available for hire for consultation or custom development.

Support This Project

This project is run by volunteers. Please support them in their efforts to maintain and improve Cookiecutter:

  • Daniel Roy Greenfeld (@pydanny):
  • Raphael Pierzina (@hackebrot):

.. ..

You can also support the maintainers by spreading the word about Two Scoops of Django 1.11!

.. image:: :name: Two Scoops Press :align: center :alt: Two Scoops Press :target:


We would like to thank the following people for supporting us:

  • Bruno Alla
  • Russell Keith-Magee

Code of Conduct

Everyone interacting in the Cookiecutter project’s codebases, issue trackers, chat rooms, and mailing lists is expected to follow the PyPA Code of Conduct_.

A Pantry Full of Cookiecutters

Here is a list of cookiecutters (aka Cookiecutter project templates) for you to use or fork.

Make your own, then submit a pull request adding yours to this list!


* `cookiecutter-pypackage`_: `@audreyr`_'s ultimate Python package project
* `cookiecutter-pipproject`_: Minimal package for pip-installable projects
* `cookiecutter-pypackage-minimal`_: A minimal Python package template.
* `cookiecutter-lux-python`_: A boilerplate Python project that aims to create Python package with a convenient Makefile-facility and additional helpers.
* `cookiecutter-flask`_ : A Flask template with Bootstrap 3, starter templates, and working user registration.
* `cookiecutter-flask-2`_: A heavier weight fork of cookiecutter-flask, with more boilerplate including forgotten password and Heroku integration
* `cookiecutter-flask-foundation`_ : Flask Template with caching, forms, sqlalchemy and unit-testing.
* `cookiecutter-bottle`_ : A cookiecutter template for creating reusable Bottle projects quickly.
* `cookiecutter-openstack`_: A template for an OpenStack project.
* `cookiecutter-docopt`_: A template for a Python command-line script that uses `docopt`_ for arguments parsing.
* `cookiecutter-quokka-module`_: A template to create a blueprint module for Quokka Flask CMS.
* `cookiecutter-kivy`_: A template for NUI applications built upon the kivy python-framework.
* `cookiedozer`_: A template for Python Kivy apps ready to be deployed to android devices with Buildozer.
* `cookiecutter-pylibrary`_: An intricate template designed to quickly get started with good testing and packaging (working configuration for Tox, Pytest, Travis-CI, Coveralls, AppVeyor, Sphinx docs, isort, bumpversion, packaging checks etc).
* `cookiecutter-pyvanguard`_: A template for cutting edge Python development. `Invoke`_, pytest, bumpversion, and Python 2/3 compatability.
* `Python-iOS-template`_: A template to create a Python project that will run on iOS devices.
* `Python-Android-template`_: A template to create a Python project that will run on Android devices.
* `cookiecutter-tryton`_: A template to create base and external Tryton modules.
* `cookiecutter-tryton-fulfilio`_: A template for creating tryton modules.
* `cookiecutter-pytest-plugin`_: Minimal Cookiecutter template for authoring `pytest`_ plugins that help you to write better programs.
* `cookiecutter-tapioca`_: A Template for building `tapioca-wrapper`_ based web API wrappers (clients).
* `cookiecutter-sublime-text-3-plugin`_: Sublime Text 3 plugin template with custom settings, commands, key bindings and main menu.
* `cookiecutter-muffin`_: A Muffin template with Bootstrap 3, starter templates, and working user registration.
* `cookiecutter-octoprint-plugin`_: A template for building plugins for `OctoPrint`_.
* `cookiecutter-funkload-friendly`_: Cookiecutter template for a `funkload-friendly`_ project.
* `cookiecutter-python-app`_: A template to create a Python CLI application with subcommands, logging, YAML configuration, pytest tests, and Virtualenv deployment.
* `morepath-cookiecutter`_: Cookiecutter template for Morepath, the web microframework with superpowers.
* `Springerle/hovercraft-slides`_: A template for new `Hovercraft!`_ presentation projects (``impress.js`` slides in *re*\ Structured\ *Text*).
* `cookiecutter-snakemake-analysis-pipeline`_: One way to easily set up `Snakemake`_-based analysis pipelines.
* `cookiecutter-py3tkinter`_: Template for Python 3 Tkinter application gui.
* `cookiecutter-pyqt5`_: A prebuilt PyQt5 GUI template with a fully featured Pytest test suite and Travis CI integration all in an optimal Python package.
* `cookiecutter-pyqt4`_: A prebuilt PyQt4 GUI template with a logging support, structure for tests and separation of ui and worker components.
* `cookiecutter-xontrib`_: A template for building xontribs, a.k.a `xonsh`_ contributions

.. _`cookiecutter-pypackage`:
.. _`cookiecutter-pipproject`:
.. _`cookiecutter-pypackage-minimal`:
.. _`cookiecutter-lux-python`:
.. _`cookiecutter-flask`:
.. _`cookiecutter-flask-2`:
.. _`cookiecutter-flask-foundation`:
.. _`cookiecutter-bottle`:
.. _`cookiecutter-openstack`:
.. _`cookiecutter-docopt`:
.. _`docopt`:
.. _`cookiecutter-quokka-module`:
.. _`cookiecutter-kivy`:
.. _`cookiedozer`:
.. _`cookiecutter-pylibrary`:
.. _`cookiecutter-pyvanguard`:
.. _`Invoke`:
.. _`Python-iOS-template`:
.. _`Python-Android-template`:
.. _`cookiecutter-tryton`:
.. _`cookiecutter-tryton-fulfilio`:
.. _`cookiecutter-pytest-plugin`:
.. _`pytest`:
.. _`cookiecutter-tapioca`:
.. _`tapioca-wrapper`:
.. _`cookiecutter-sublime-text-3-plugin`:
.. _`cookiecutter-muffin`:
.. _`cookiecutter-octoprint-plugin`:
.. _`OctoPrint`:
.. _`cookiecutter-funkload-friendly`:
.. _`funkload-friendly`:
.. _`cookiecutter-python-app`:
.. _`morepath-cookiecutter`:
.. _`Springerle/hovercraft-slides`:
.. _`Hovercraft!`:
.. _`cookiecutter-snakemake-analysis-pipeline`:
.. _`Snakemake`:
.. _`cookiecutter-py3tkinter`:
.. _`cookiecutter-pyqt5`:
.. _`cookiecutter-pyqt4`:
.. _`cookiecutter-xontrib`:
.. _`xonsh`:


* `cookiecutter-django`_: A bleeding edge Django project template with Bootstrap 4, customizable users app, starter templates,  working user registration, celery setup, and much more.
* `cookiecutter-django-rest`_: For creating REST apis for mobile and web applications.
* `cookiecutter-simple-django`_: A cookiecutter template for creating reusable Django projects quickly.
* `django-docker-bootstrap`_: Django development/production environment with docker, integrated with Postgres, NodeJS(React), Nginx, uWSGI.
* `cookiecutter-djangopackage`_: A template designed to create reusable third-party PyPI friendly Django apps. Documentation is written in tutorial format.
* `cookiecutter-django-cms`_: A template for Django CMS with simple Bootstrap 3 template. It has a quick start and deploy documentation.
* `cookiecutter-django-crud`_: A template to create a Django app with boilerplate CRUD around a model including a factory and tests.
* `cookiecutter-django-lborgav`_: Another cookiecutter template for Django project with Booststrap 3 and FontAwesome 4
* `cookiecutter-django-paas`_: Django template ready to use in PAAS platforms like Heroku, OpenShift, etc..
* `cookiecutter-django-rest-framework`_: A template for creating reusable Django REST Framework packages.
* `cookiecutter-django-aws-eb`_: Get up and running with Django on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
* `cookiecutter-wagtail`_ : A cookiecutter template for `Wagtail`_ CMS based sites.
* `wagtail-cookiecutter-foundation`_: A complete template for Wagtail CMS projects featuring `Zurb Foundation`_ 6, ansible provisioning and deployment , front-end dependency management with bower, modular apps to get your site up and running including photo_gallery, RSS feed etc.
* `django-starter`_: A Django template complete with vagrant and provisioning scripts - inspired by 12 factor apps and cookiecutter-django.
* `cookiecutter-django-gulp`_: A Cookiecutter template for integrating frontend development tools in Django projects.
* `wagtail-starter-kit`_: A cookiecutter complete with wagtail, django layout, vagrant, provisioning scripts, front end build system and more!
* `cookiecutter-django-herokuapp`_: A Django 1.7+ template optimized for Python 3 on Heroku.
* `cookiecutter-simple-django-cn`_: A simple Django templates for chinese.
* `cc_django_ember_app`_: For creating applications with Django and EmberJS
* `cc_project_app_drf`_: For creating REST apis based on the "project app" project architecture
* `cc_project_app_full_with_hooks`_: For creating Django projects using the "project app" project architecture
* `cc-automated-drf-template`_: A template + script that automatically creates your Django REST project with serializers, views, urls, and admin files based on your models file as input.
* `cookiecutter-django-foundation`_: Fork of `cookiecutter-django`_ based on `Zurb Foundation`_ 6 front-end framework
* `cookiecutter-django-ansible`_: Cookiecutter Django Ansible is a framework for jumpstarting an ansible project for provisioning a server that is ready for your *cookiecutter-django* application.

.. _`cookiecutter-django`:
.. _`cookiecutter-django-rest`:
.. _`cookiecutter-simple-django`:
.. _`django-docker-bootstrap`:
.. _`cookiecutter-djangopackage`:
.. _`cookiecutter-django-cms`:
.. _`cookiecutter-django-crud`:
.. _`cookiecutter-django-lborgav`:
.. _`cookiecutter-django-paas`:
.. _`cookiecutter-django-rest-framework`:
.. _`cookiecutter-django-aws-eb`:
.. _`cookiecutter-wagtail`:
.. _`Wagtail`:
.. _`wagtail-cookiecutter-foundation`:
.. _`django-starter`:
.. _`cookiecutter-django-gulp`:
.. _`wagtail-starter-kit`:
.. _`cookiecutter-django-herokuapp`:
.. _`cookiecutter-simple-django-cn`:
.. _`cc_django_ember_app`:
.. _`cc_project_app_drf`:
.. _`cc_project_app_full_with_hooks`:
.. _`cc-automated-drf-template`:
.. _`cookiecutter-django-foundation`:
.. _`Zurb Foundation`:
.. _`cookiecutter-django-ansible`:


* `pyramid-cookiecutter-alchemy`_: A Cookiecutter (project template) for creating a Pyramid project using SQLite for persistent storage, SQLAlchemy for an ORM, URL dispatch for routing, and Jinja2 for templating.
* `pyramid-cookiecutter-starter`_: A Cookiecutter (project template) for creating a Pyramid starter project using URL dispatch for routing and either Jinja2, Chameleon, or Mako for templating.
* `pyramid-cookiecutter-zodb`_: A Cookiecutter (project template) for creating a Pyramid project using ZODB for persistent storage, traversal for routing, and Chameleon for templating.
* `substanced-cookiecutter`_: A cookiecutter (project template) for creating a Substance D starter project. Substance D is built on top of Pyramid.
* `cookiecutter-pyramid-talk-python-starter`_: An opinionated Cookiecutter template for creating Pyramid web applications starting way further down the development chain. This cookiecutter template will create a new Pyramid web application with email, sqlalchemy, rollbar, and way more integrated.

.. _`pyramid-cookiecutter-alchemy`:
.. _`pyramid-cookiecutter-starter`:
.. _`pyramid-cookiecutter-zodb`:
.. _`substanced-cookiecutter`:
.. _`cookiecutter-pyramid-talk-python-starter`:

Cookiecutter (meta)

Meta-templates for generating Cookiecutter project templates.

* `cookiecutter-template`_: A template to help in creating cookiecutter templates.

.. _`cookiecutter-template`:


* `cookiecutter-ansible-role`_: A template to create ansible roles. Forget about file creation and focus on actions.
* `cookiecutter-ansible-role-ci`_: Create Ansible roles following best practices, with an already implemented test infrastructure leveraging Test-kitchen, Docker and InSpec.

.. _`cookiecutter-ansible-role`:
.. _`cookiecutter-ansible-role-ci`:


* `cookiecutter-git`_: Git Cookiecutter. A git repository project template!

.. _`cookiecutter-git`:


* `bootstrap.c`_: A template for simple projects written in C with autotools.
* `cookiecutter-avr`_: A template for avr development.

.. _`bootstrap.c`:
.. _`cookiecutter-avr`:


* `BoilerplatePP`_: A simple cmake template with unit testing for projects written in C++.
* `cookiecutter-dpf-effect`_: An audio plugin project template for the DISTRHO Plugin Framework (DPF)
* `cookiecutter-dpf-audiotk`_: An audio plugin project template for the DISTRHO Plugin Framework (DPF) and the Audio Toolkit (ATK) DSP library
* `cookiecutter-kata-gtest`_: A template for C++ test-driven development katas using the Google Test framework.
* `cookiecutter-kata-cpputest`_: A template for C++ test-driven-development katas using the CppUTest framework.

.. _`BoilerplatePP`:
.. _cookiecutter-dpf-effect:
.. _cookiecutter-dpf-audiotk:
.. _cookiecutter-kata-gtest:
.. _cookiecutter-kata-cpputest:


* `cookiecutter-csharp-objc-binding`_: A template for generating a C# binding project for binding an Objective-C static library.

.. _`cookiecutter-csharp-objc-binding`:

Common Lisp

* `cookiecutter-cl-project`_: A template for Common Lisp project with bootstrap script and Slime integration.

.. _`cookiecutter-cl-project`:


* `cookiecutter-elm`_: Elm based cookiecutter with basic html example.

.. _`cookiecutter-elm`:

  • cookiecutter-golang_: A template to create new go based projects following best practices.

.. _cookiecutter-golang:


* `cookiecutter-java`_: Cookiecutter for basic java application setup with gradle
* `cookiecutter-spring-boot`_: Cookiecutter for standard java spring boot gradle application
* `cookiecutter-android`_: Cookiecutter for Gradle-based Android projects

.. _`cookiecutter-java`:
.. _`cookiecutter-spring-boot`:
.. _`cookiecutter-android`:


* `cookiecutter-es6-boilerplate`_: A cookiecutter for front end projects in ES6.
* `cookiecutter-webpack`_: A template for webpack 2 projects with hot reloading, babel es6 modules, and react.
* `cookiecutter-jquery`_: A jQuery plugin project template based on jQuery
* `cookiecutter-jswidget`_: A project template for creating a generic front-end,
  non-jQuery JS widget packaged for multiple JS packaging systems.
* `cookiecutter-component`_: A template for a Component JS package.
* `cookiecutter-tampermonkey`_: A template for a TamperMonkey browser script.
* `cookiecutter-es6-package`_: A template for writing node packages using ES6 via babel.
* `cookiecutter-angular2`_: A template for modular angular2 with typescript apps.
* `CICADA`_: A template + script that automatically creates list/detail controllers and partials for an AngularJS frontend to connect to a DRF backend. Works well with `cc-automated-drf-template <>`__.

.. _`cookiecutter-es6-boilerplate`:
.. _`cookiecutter-webpack`:
.. _`cookiecutter-jquery`:
.. _`cookiecutter-jswidget`:
.. _`cookiecutter-component`:
.. _`cookiecutter-tampermonkey`:
.. _`cookiecutter-es6-package`:
.. _`cookiecutter-angular2`:
.. _`CICADA`:


* `cookiecutter-kotlin-gradle`_: A bare-bones template for Gradle-based Kotlin projects.

.. _`cookiecutter-kotlin-gradle`:


* `pandoc-talk`_: A cookiecutter template for giving talks with pandoc and XeTeX.
* `cookiecutter-latex-article`_: A LaTeX template geared towards academic use.
* `cookiecutter-beamer`_: A template for a LaTeX Beamer presentation.

.. _`pandoc-talk`:
.. _`cookiecutter-latex-article`:
.. _`cookiecutter-beamer`:


* `cookiecutter-mediawiki-extension`_: A template for MediaWiki extensions.

.. _`cookiecutter-mediawiki-extension`:


* `slim-berkshelf-vagrant`_: A simple cookiecutter template with sane cookbook defaults for common vagrant/berkshelf cookbooks.

.. _`slim-berkshelf-vagrant`:

  • cookiecutter-complexity_: A cookiecutter for a Complexity static site with Bootstrap 3.
  • cookiecutter-reveal.js_: A cookiecutter template for reveal.js presentations.
  • cookiecutter-tumblr-theme_: A cookiecutter for a Tumblr theme project with GruntJS as concatination tool.

.. _cookiecutter-complexity: .. _cookiecutter-reveal.js: .. _cookiecutter-tumblr-theme:


* `cookiecutter-scala`_: A cookiecutter template for a simple scala hello world application with a few libraries.
* `cookiecutter-scala-spark`_: A cookiecutter template for Apache Spark applications written in Scala.

.. _`cookiecutter-scala`:
.. _`cookiecutter-scala-spark`:

6502 Assembly
* `cookiecutter-atari2600`_: A cookiecutter template for Atari2600 projects.

.. _`cookiecutter-atari2600`:

Data Science

* `widget-cookiecutter`_: A cookiecutter template for creating a custom Jupyter widget project.
* `cookiecutter-data-science`_: A logical, reasonably standardized, but flexible project structure for doing and sharing data science work in Python.  Full documentation available `here <>`__.
* `cookiecutter-r-data-analysis`_: Template for a R based workflow to docx (via Pandoc) and pdf (via LaTeX) reports.

.. _`widget-cookiecutter`:
.. _`cookiecutter-data-science`:
.. _`cookiecutter-r-data-analysis`:

Reproducible Science

* `cookiecutter-reproducible-science`_: A cookiecutter template to start a reproducible and transparent science project including data, models, analysis, and reports (i.e., your scientifc paper) with close resemblances to the philosophy of Cookiecutter `Data Science`_.

.. _`cookiecutter-reproducible-science`:

Cloud Tools

* `cookiecutter-tf-module`_: Cookiecutter template for building consistent Terraform modules.

.. _`cookiecutter-tf-module`:


* `cookiecutter-tornado`_: Cookiecutter template for Tornado based projects

.. _`cookiecutter-tornado`:

  • cookiecutter_dotfile_: Template for a folder of dotfiles managed by stow.

.. _cookiecutter_dotfile:

Similar projects

  • Paste_ has a create option that creates a skeleton project.

  • Diecutter_: an API service that will give you back a configuration file from a template and variables.

  • Django_’s startproject and startapp commands can take in a --template option.

  • python-packager_: Creates Python packages from its own template, with configurable options.

  • Yeoman_ has a Rails-inspired generator system that provides scaffolding for apps.

  • Pyramid_’s pcreate command for creating Pyramid projects from scaffold templates.

  • mr.bob_ is a filesystem template renderer, meant to deprecate tools such as paster and templer.

  • grunt-init_ used to be built into Grunt and is now a standalone scaffolding tool to automate project creation.

  • scaffolt_ consumes JSON generators with Handlebars support.

  • init-skeleton_ clones or copies a repository, executes npm install and bower install and removes the .git directory.

  • Cog_ python-based code generation toolkit developed by Ned Batchelder

  • Skaffold_ python and json config based django/MVC generator, with some add-ons and integrations.

.. _Paste: .. _Diecutter: .. _Django:–template .. _python-packager: .. _Yeoman: .. _Pyramid: .. _mr.bob: .. _grunt-init: .. _scaffolt: .. _init-skeleton: .. _Cog: .. _Skaffold:

.. _PyPA Code of Conduct: .. _PyCon 2016:

.. _Cookiecutter on GitHub: .. _Troubleshooting: .. _contributors: .. _contributing instructions: .. _Stack Overflow: .. _File an issue: .. _Cookiecutter Gittip community: .. _@audreyr: .. _@pydanny: .. _@michaeljoseph: .. _@pfmoore: .. _@hackebrot: .. _Gitter:

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