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This is a sample that shows how to add authentication to an Angular 2 (ng2) app

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Angular 2: Authentication sample.

This sample shows how to create an angular 2 app that:

  • Has lots of different routes
  • Performs authentication with JWTs
  • Calls APIs authenticated and not.
  • Extends the RouterOutlet for route pipeline changes.

You can learn more about how it works in the following blogposts

Running it

Clone this repository as well as the server for this example.

First, run the server app in the port 3001.

Then, run npm install on this project and run npm start to start the app. Then just navigate to http://localhost:3000 :boom: Use npm run server to run API server.

Issue Reporting

If you have found a bug or if you have a feature request, please report them at this repository issues section. Please do not report security vulnerabilities on the public GitHub issue tracker. The Responsible Disclosure Program details the procedure for disclosing security issues.




This project is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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package version
@angular/common 2.0.1
@angular/compiler 2.0.1
@angular/core 2.0.1
@angular/forms 2.0.1
@angular/http 2.0.1
@angular/platform-browser 2.0.1
@angular/platform-browser-dynamic 2.0.1
@angular/platform-server 2.0.1
@angular/router 3.0.1
angular2-jwt 0.1.23
bootstrap ^3.3.7
core-js ^2.4.1
jwt-decode ^2.0.1
rxjs 5.0.0-beta.12
zone.js ~0.6.25
dev css-loader ^0.25.0
exports-loader ^0.6.3
expose-loader ^0.7.1
file-loader ^0.9.0
imports-loader ^0.6.5
json-loader ^0.5.4
raw-loader ^0.5.1
style-loader ^0.13.1
ts-loader ^0.8.1
tsconfig-lint ^0.12.0
tslint ^3.7.1
tslint-loader ^2.1.3
typedoc ^0.4.3
typescript ~2.0.3
typings ^1.3.0
url-loader ^0.5.7
webpack ^1.13.2
webpack-dev-server ^1.16.1


-   0.0.1 zip tar