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Ember CLI plugin for Babel

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This Ember-CLI plugin uses Babel to allow you to use ES6 syntax with your Ember-CLI project.


npm install --save-dev ember-cli-babel


This plugin should work without any configuration after installing. By default it will take every .js file in your project and run it through the Babel transpiler to convert the ES6 code to ES5. Running existing ES5 code through the transpiler shouldn’t change the code at all (likely just a format change if it does).

If you need to customize the way that Babel transforms your code, you can do it by passing in any of the options found here. Example:

// Brocfile.js

var app = new EmberApp({
  babel: {
    // disable comments
    comments: false


Babel comes with a polyfill that includes a custom regenerator runtime and core.js. Many transformations will work without it, but for full support you must include the polyfill in your app. The Babel feature tour includes a note for features that require the polyfill to work.

To include it in your app, pass includePolyfill: true in your babel options.


Out of the box without a polyfill the following ES6 features are enabled:

Feature Supported
Arrows and Lexical This YES
Classes YES
Enhanced Object Literals YES
Template Strings YES
Destructuring YES
Default + Rest + Spread YES
Let + Const YES
Iterators + For..Of NO
Generators NO
Comprehensions YES
Unicode YES
Modules YES
Module Loaders NO
Map + Set + WeakMap + WeakSet NO
Proxies NO
Symbols NO
Subclassable Built-ins PARTIAL
Math + Number + String + Object APIs NO
Binary and Octal Literals PARTIAL
Promises NO
Reflect API NO
Tail Calls PARTIAL

See the Babel docs for more details

About Modules

Ember-CLI uses its own ES6 module transpiler for the custom Ember resolver that it uses. Because of that, this plugin disables Babel module compilation by blacklisting that transform. If you find that you want to use the Babel module transform instead of the Ember-CLI one, you’ll have to explicitly set compileModules to true in your configuration. If compileModules is anything other than true, this plugin will leave the module syntax compilation up to Ember-CLI.

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