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The Be My Eyes iOS app – lend your eyes to the blind

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This is the main issue for the entire Be My Eyes project. Issues on other repos like backend and server should refer to issues in this repo when relevant. E.g. when a new feature in the app requires a support on the backend.

We are using to manage Github issues. It has two-way sync by adding and removing tags like: - Ready – Done discussing, do! - In progress – Someone is working on this one

You can see priorities on where top = first. Admins of this repo can make the changes. Throughput Graph

Getting started


All dependencies are already in the repo. To update pods use pod update in the terminal (install CocoaPods first if necessary with sudo gem install cocoapods).


Settings File

Duplicate BMEGlobal.temp.h and rename to BMEGlobal.h in Finder and configure to your own needs. If you are part of the team, reach out to get the salty secrets. Remember to update BMEGlobal.temp.h along with BMEGlobal.h, when any additions or changes are made.

OpenTok supports armv7 and armv7s and not arm64. Therefor the option ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH should be set to NO.

Localization / Translations

The translations are crowd sourced at crowdin. Please contribute there, instead of editing the .strings files directly in the repo.

  • Chinese Simplified is equivalent to zh-Hant in iOS and zh-CN on CrowdIn.
  • Chinese Traditional is equivalent to zh-Hans in iOS and zh-TW on CrowdIn.
  • Croation is hr
  • Greek is el
  • Urdu is ur-PK

Language scripts

The Scripts folder contains useful scripts that automate the process of maintaining language translations. All of them require CrowdIn API key to work properly.

  • – Script responsible for uploading/updating the base language strings (en).
  • – Triggers a build of the newest translations on the CrowdIn server.
  • – Script for downloading the newest translations, unpacking them and placing in the right place within the project structure.
  • – Bash script that exports the newest translations, downloads them and runs MiawKit to update string constants within the project.

Release checklist

Pre / Continuously

  • Send localizable strings files for new features to Crowdin
  • Manual integration test on alpha/development


  • Pull latest localizations from Crowdin and add to project
  • Manual integration test on beta/staging
  • Submit to App Store
  • Update App Store app description + screenshots + update description


  • Manual integration test on production

Manual integration tests

  • Signup as blind person + sighted with email
  • Login with email + Facebook
  • Make help request
  • Respond to help request
  • Reset password
  • Change name + email

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