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The Be My Eyes website ~ lend your eyes to the blind

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How to build

The website is build using Hammer for Mac. In order to build the website you must install this app, clone this repository and add the root folder to Hammer. Everytime a file in the cloned reposity is saved a new build is generated by Hammer. New builds are generated in the /Build folder.

Builds can be viewed by opening the index.html in the Build folder or by install Anvil for Mac to host the site locally. Anvil provides the increased benefit of adding support so your site can be browsed by other devices on your network.


We are using Waffle to manage Github issues. It has two-way sync by adding and removing tags like: - Ready – Done discussing, do! - In progress – Someone is working on this one

You can see priorities on Waffle – top = first. Admins of this repo can make the changes.

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The Be My Eyes website ~ lend your eyes to the blind ...

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