Skript is a Bukkit plugin which allows server admins to customize their server easily, but without the hassle of programming a plugin or asking/paying someone to program a plugin for them.


Skript is plugin for Bukkit/Spigot, which allows server owners and other people to modify their servers without learning Java. It can also be useful if you do know Java; some tasks are quicker to do with Skript, and so it can be used for prototyping etc.

This Github fork fork of Skript is based on Mirreski's improvements on original Njol's Skript. It is supported for Spigot (not Bukkit) versions for Minecraft 1.9-1.11. Other versions might work, but no guarantees.


Documentation is available here for latest version of Skript.

Reporting Issues

You should use Github issue tracker for all bug reports, feature requests and such. If you are not sure if something is a bug, please still report it.

Please use search to see if issue has been reported already. Duplicates will be closed and ignored. If the issue is indeed not yet reported, please really use common sense: what might Skript developer need to know to solve your issue?

If issue has been reported before, and is open, you can comment to it to ask if there has been progress or provide more information. If it has been closed, you can do same thing, but then it might be good idea to ping @bensku since closed issues are not often checked.

Finally, there is no guarantee that issue will be resolved. Sometimes it might be harder than it sounds to you; in other cases, no one has time to take look at it.

If your having a aliases issue please report that here instead.


Skript uses Gradle for compilation. Use your command prompt of preference and navigate to Skript's source directory. Then you can just call Gradle to compile and package Skript for you:

./gradlew clean build

On Windows environment, replace ./gradlew with gradlew.bat.

You can get source code from the releases page. You may also clone this repository, but that code might or might not be stable.

Importing to Eclipse

With new Eclipse versions, there is integrated Gradle support. And it actually works now. So, first get latest Eclipse, then import Skript as any Gradle project. Just make sure to keep the configuration when importer asks that!

Gradle STS can also be used, but it is not recommended anymore. It is being phased out in favor of Eclipse's integrated Gradle support.

Importing to IDEA

Skript IDEA support is not reliable, and even more less so after switching from Maven to Gradle. If you have idea how to fix it, please open issue or pull request.


So, you want to contribute to Skript? You need to:

  • Have some skills in Java (unless said otherwise)
  • Use Eclipse as your IDE for Skript or get your own IDE to support Eclipse's nullness annotations
  • Not alter Eclipse nullness annotation settings; they affect even the compiler
  • Use tabs as indentation; Eclipse does this for you
  • Write code that follows conventions in other files of Skript's source
  • DO NOT use NMS code

Tl;dr; follow these directions unless you have good reason not to.

What to Contribute?

You can find issues tagged with "help wanted" on tracker to see if there is something for you. If you want to take over one of these, just leave a comment so other contributors don't accidentally pick same issue to work on. You can also offer your help to any other issue, but for "help wanted" tasks, help is really needed.

You don't have to pick an issue to work on. If you have good idea, you can first create an issue to ask what other people think about it. After that, you can write code for it, test it, and finally submit a pull request.

I'm not Java expert, can I still help?

You do need to know something of Java programming to be much help, but you do not need to be an expert. If you can write code that works and doesn't contain too much spaghetti, you're good to go!

Maven repository

If you use Skript as (soft) dependency for your plugin, and use maven or Gradle, this is for you.

First, you need the repository. Skript is not in Maven Central.

maven {
    url ""

Or, if you use Maven:


Then you alse need to add Skript as dependency.

compile "ch.njol:Skript:2.2-RELEASE_TAG"

Or, if you use Maven:


Relevant Links

Note that these resources are not maintained by me. If you notice something wrong in them, do not contact me.

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