Generates Mozilla gfx stats from crash data


Generates Mozilla graphics stats from crash data

A copy of the resulting stats is hosted there:

How to build and generate stats

Build gfx-stats.cpp as a standalone c++11 program, ensuring that the resulting executable is named gfx-stats. Enable optimization. For example:

  c++ gfx-stats.cpp -o gfx-stats --std=c++0x -O3 -DNDEBUG -Wall -Wextra -pedantic

Download crashdata files from Mozilla’s crash-stats site, to the same directory:

For example:

  curl -H 'Auth-Token: XXXXXX' --compressed \ > 20140907-pub-crashdata.csv.gz

The API token you get from

Download as many per-day .csv.gz files as you wish.

Then run the runner script,, in BASH, in the same directory that contains the above gfx-stats executable and downloaded .csv.gz files.


This will look for the .csv.gz files with their specific filename format indicating the date that they correspond to, so don’t rename these files. This will then produce .csv files describing one complete graph each, for example:


Copy these .csv files and the index.html file to some directory and serve it over HTTP or HTTPS, not as a file:// URL.

To subsequently update the graph, just repeat the operation of downloading new crashdata .csv.gz files, and just re-run:


This will automatically find existing graphs .csv files in the current directory, and will directly start processing new .csv.gz files and appending to the existing .csv files.

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