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Bridge between django-blog-zinnia and django-cms



Cmsplugin-zinnia is a bridge between django-blog-zinnia_ and django-cms_.

This package provides plugins, menus and apphook to integrate your Zinnia powered Weblog into your django-cms Web site.

The code bundled in this application is a copy of the original zinnia.plugins module, made for forward compatibility with Zinnia v0.11.

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.. _installation:


Once Zinnia and the CMS are installed, you simply have to register cmsplugin_zinnia, in the INSTALLED_APPS section of your project’s settings.

.. _entry-placeholder:

Entries with plugins

If you want to use the plugin system of django-cms in your entries, an extended Entry with a PlaceholderField is provided in this package.

Just add this line in your project’s settings to use it. ::

ZINNIA_ENTRY_BASE_MODEL = ‘cmsplugin_zinnia.placeholder.EntryPlaceholder’

.. _settings:



Default value: ::

(‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’)

List of strings representing the path to the Menu class provided by the Zinnia AppHook.


Default value: True

Boolean used for displaying or not the entries in the EntryMenu object.


Default value: () (Empty tuple)

List of tuple for extending the plugins rendering templates.

.. _django-blog-zinnia: .. _django-cms:

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