bbb-air-client 0

Use Flash Builder to develop it.

  • clone this repo
  • Install Flex Formatter plugin to your Flash Builder
  • open Flash Builder
  • Switch Workspace to the parent directory of your cloned repo
  • File-New-Flex Mobile Project
  • type “bbb-air-client”
  • Use default SDK (Flex 4.6.0)
  • Next, then Finish

Add extra arguments to Flex Compiler:

  • right-click on bbb-air-client project
  • Properties-Flex Compiler
  • add the following as Additional compiler arguments:
-locale=en_US,pt_BR -source-path=./locale/{locale} -resource-bundle-list=used-resource-bundles.txt -allow-source-path-overlap=true


Everytime you change the localization files (and when you first compile the client), run build-locale.bat to compile the localization resources.

By default, when you run the app in debug mode, you will join the Demo Meeting on, but only if you open the session first in your browser. The app will never call create, it only knows how to handle join.

Code Quality

Flex Formatter plugin is configured against Adobe Flex Coding Standards. Make sure you use it often.

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