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a resque clone in python

2 years after MIT

Pyres - a Resque clone

Resque is a great implementation of a job queue by the people at github. It's written in ruby, which is great, but I primarily work in python. So I took on the task of porting over the code to python and PyRes was the result

Project Goals

Because of some differences between ruby and python, there are a couple of places where I chose speed over correctness. The goal will be to eventually take the application and make it more pythonic without sacrificing the awesome functionality found in resque. At the same time, I hope to stay within the bounds of the original api and web interface.

Travis CI

Currently, pyres is being tested via travis ci for python version 2.6, 2.7, and 3.3: Build Status

Running Tests

  1. Install nose: $ easy_install nose
  2. Start redis: $ redis-server [PATH_TO_YOUR_REDIS_CONFIG]
  3. Run nose: $ nosetests Or more verbosely: $ nosetests -v

Mailing List

To join the list simply send an email to [email protected]. This will subscribe you and send you information about your subscription, include unsubscribe information.

The archive can be found at


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