synchronized looping video for raspberry pi & omxplayer!

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synchronized looping video for raspberry pi & omxplayer!

node-omxplayer-sync utilizes a connection between and broadcaster and many listener raspberry pis provided to synchronized playback. The broadcaster sends out a notification to all listeners when its video has looped. This resets all listeners (including itself) to the start of the loop playback. All listeners synchronize on one full playback loop of the main broadcaster and will continually attempt to re-sync each time the main broadcaster's file loops.

to install for deployment:

Currently the installer script does not work, if you want to make one, please make a pull request! Verbose directions below!

  1. Setup your Pi
    1. Expand your filesystem: sudo raspi-config
    2. sudo apt-get update
    3. sudo apt-get upgrade
  2. git clone this repository to ~/ on your raspberry pi
  3. if you are running raspbian jessie lite, install omxplayer & rsync
    1. sudo apt-get install omxplayer
    2. sudo apt-get install rsync
  4. install nvm & node.js latest
    1. wget -qO- | bash
    2. source ~/.bashrc
    3. nvm install stable
  5. update & install npm packages
    1. cd ~/node-omxplayer-sync
    2. npm install
  6. configure the ip address of one of the raspberry pis to act as the main broadcaster with a Static IP of, or dive into the omx-sync.js file and adjust the IP assignment manually to whatever you like.
  7. connect all pis to the same local network via wifi or ethernet
    • make sure that your router's LAN ip address is
  8. node omx-sync.js path/to/video.mp4 on each pi to run the sync video!

auto-run on startup

  1. run sudo raspi-config, navigate to the boot options and choose command line (auto login as user pi)
  2. install forever: npm install forever -g
  3. nano ~/.bashrc
  4. find the line to load NVM export NVM_DIR="/home/pi/.nvm" [ -s "$NVM_DIR/" ] && . "$NVM_DIR/" # This loads nvm or something similar
  5. add forever start ~/node-omxplayer-sync/omx-sync.js ~/absolute/path/to/video.mp4 below the NVM listeners
  6. ctrl+x then Y then Enter to save
  7. sudo reboot

How to get files onto each pi system

  1. install usbmount to mount flashdrives: sudo apt-get install usbmount
  2. copy the file from a flashdrive: cp /media/usb/yourfile.mp4 ~/node-omxplayer-sync/
  3. node omx-sync.js path/to/NEWvideo.mp4

Tested on

Node v6.3.0

Version: 6c90c75 [master]

Release date:2016-05-27

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