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Simple shell command to work with files in console. Copy-paste style like in Finder or Explorer.

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Simple shell command to work with files in console. Copy-paste style like in Finder or Explorer.

Heaven for copy-pasters

I'm very happy with near everything in my favorite zsh. But I am worried every time when I need to copy a lot of different files from different parts of the disk.

Very convenient way to do it using the copy-paste paradigm, like in Explorer or Finder. Simply select the files, press ctrl+c, switch to the directory you require, press ctrl+v.

So, I am worried and once upon a time I said: "Enough". And so was C born.

What is C?

C is a small Python3 script which trying to imitate ctrl or cmd key for files operation. How it works? It's simply like this:

$ cd /etc
$ c c passwd
+. /etc/passwd
$ c c sudoers sshd_config
+. /etc/sudoers
+. /etc/sshd_config
$ cd apache2
$ c c httpd.conf
+. /private/etc/apache2/httpd.conf
$ cd ~/backup
$ c v
Copying to `/home/bobuk/backup'
. /etc/sshd_config -> backup/sshd_config
. /etc/passwd -> backup/passwd
. /etc/apache2/httpd.conf -> backup/httpd.conf
. /etc/sudoers -> backup/sudoers

Here c c is a analogue for ctrl+c and c v for ctrl+v. Looks like a crap? Yes! But with nifty aliases it's can be a much easier. You can use your favorite ctrl+commands as a shell commands.

$ ls
README.md   TODO.todo   c       install.sh
$ cmd+c README.md install.sh
+. README.md
+. install.sh
$ mkdir release && cd $_
$ cmd+v
Copying to `/Users/bobuk/V/c/release'
. /Users/bobuk/V/c/README.md -> /Users/bobuk/V/c/release/README.md
. /Users/bobuk/V/c/install.sh -> /Users/bobuk/V/c/release/install.sh
$ ls -1
$ cmd+c
+D /Users/bobuk/V/c/release
$ cd ..
$ cmd+del
Are you sure to remove 1 directories files (y/n)y
move to trash /Users/bobuk/V/c/release

In this case I use cmd+commands because installation script recognize what it run on Darwin.


$ cmd+h
List of commands:
    cmd+c mark files and directories for copying or moving
    cmd+v copy files and other stuff to current directory
    cmd+del remove selected files to trash
    cmd+p show a list of marked files
    cmd+R reset list of selection
    cmd+h show list of commands


This is a raw list of features. Must be reordered and completed.

  • cmd+c command work as 'mark files' and take unlimited number of arguments.
  • cmd+c with no arguments work as cmd+c with current directory argument.
  • -q switch make all commands quiet.
  • -2 will stop commands from files list flushing. I.e. after cmd+v old files list still in buffer.
  • cmd+del remove files into system trashcan if module send2trash is installed.


Yes, it's me. All code and staff was writen by BoBuk.


It's absolutely CC0 public domain. But copying with bad intents prohibited by real patsans law

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