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Gem to create tables grids with sortable columns and filters


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Ruby library that helps you to build and represent table-like data with:

  • Customizable filtering
  • Columns
  • Sort order
  • Localization
  • Export to CSV

ORM Support

  • ActiveRecord
  • Mongoid
  • MongoMapper
  • Sequel
  • Array (slow but possible)

Create an issue if you want more.


  • Ruby >= 2.0
  • Rails >= 3.2

Live Demo

Datagrid DEMO application is available live! Demo source code.


In order to create a grid:

class UsersGrid

  include Datagrid

  scope do

  filter(:category, :enum, select: ["first", "second"])
  filter(:disabled, :xboolean)
  filter(:group_id, :integer, multiple: true)
  filter(:logins_count, :integer, range: true)
  filter(:group_name, :string, header: "Group") do |value|
    self.joins(:group).where(:groups => {:name => value})

  column(:group, order: -> { joins(:group).order(groups: :name) }) do |user|
  column(:active, header: "Activated") do |user|


Basic grid api:

report =
  :group_id => [1,2], 
  :logins_count => [1, nil],
  :category => "first",
  :order => :group,
  :descending => true

report.assets # => Array of User instances:
              # SELECT * FROM users WHERE users.group_id in (1,2) AND users.logins_count >= 1 AND users.category = 'first' ORDER BY DESC

report.header # => ["Name", "Group", "Activated"]
report.rows   # => [
              #      ["Steve", "Spammers", false],
              #      [ "John", "Spoilers", false],
              #      ["Berry", "Good people", true]
              #    ]   # => [ header, *rows]

report.to_csv # => Yes, it is

Grid DSL

In order to create a report, you need to define:

  • scope of objects to look through
  • filters that will be used to filter data
  • columns that should be displayed and sortable (if possible)


Default scope of objects to filter and display. In common case it is ActiveRecord::Base (or any other supported ORM) subclass with some generic scopes like:

scope do

More about scope


Each filter definition consists of:

  • name of the filter
  • type that will be used for value typecast
  • conditions block that applies to defined scope
  • additional options

Datagrid supports different type of filters including:

  • text
  • integer
  • float
  • date
  • datetime
  • boolean
  • xboolean - the select of “yes”, “no” and any
  • enum - selection of the given values
  • string
  • dynamic - build dynamic SQL condition

More about filters


Each column is represented by name and code block to calculate the value.

column(:activated, :header => "Active", :order => "activated", :after => :name) do

Some formatting options are also available. Each column is sortable.

More about columns

Front end

Using Generator

Datagrid has a builtin generator:

rails g datagrid:scaffold skills

That gives you some code to play with out of the box:

create  app/grids/skills_grid.rb
create  app/controllers/skills_controller.rb
create  app/views/skills/index.html.erb
route  resources :skills
insert  app/assets/stylesheet/application.css

Customize Built-in partials

In order to get a control on datagrid built-in partials run:

rake datagrid:copy_partials

Advanced frontend

All advanced frontend things are described in:

Frontend section on wiki

Questions & Issues

If you have a question of any kind, just make an issue and describe your problem in details.


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Read author blog.

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