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Crawler and search engine based on PageRank algorithm


  • Python 3.6 or newer
  • pip 9.0.1 or newer
  • may work with previous versions as well


Install Medojed:

$ git clone [email protected]:bogdanbodnar/medojed.git
$ cd medojed

Create virtual environment:

python3 -m venv env

Activate env:

$ source env/bin/activate

Check your version of pip and python :

(env) $ pip --version

Install dependencies from requirements.txt :

(env) $ pip install -r ./requirements.txt

Create and declare the database:

  1. Create PostgreSQL database medojed: This step depends on your system. Project was tested with PostgreSQL version 9.6.2.

    • Ubuntu:

      $ sudo -u postgres createdb medojed
      $ sudo -u postgres psql medojed
      >>>psql (9.6.2)
      >>>Type "help" for help.
      medojed=# ALTER USER postgres with encrypted password 'some_password';
      >>> ALTER ROLE
      medojed=# \quit

      Done, go to step 2.

    • Mac:

      psql postgres
    • Check if user postgres exists

      postgres=# \du
    • If yes, set his password (same as in

      postgres=# \password postgres
    • If not, create the user and give him necessary permissions

      postgres=# CREATE ROLE postgres WITH LOGIN PASSWORD 'some_password'
      postgres=# ALTER ROLE postgres CREATEDB;
    • Confirm with \du and exit \q

    • Now it’s time to create the database

      psql postgres -U postgres
      postgres=> CREATE DATABASE medojed;
  2. You may also need to change variables in accordingly.

  3. Run (don’t forget about the environment source env/bin/activate)

    (env) $ python


Run Medojed from

(env) $ python

Go to http://localhost:8080/ and enjoy!


  • [ ] Fix minor bugs

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