.Net Reverse Enginering Software (For .Net Framework Assembly)

NetReverser (.Net Reverse Enginering)

This software is designed to replace 'OP/CIL' Codes commands from a .Net Framework assembly (.exe/.dll). This works by replacing the hexadecimal values of the CIL commands.

It's a Bots, this mean, he auto-replace hexadecimals, one by one, until you receive your wanted result. You can Save/Load the bots settings to allow futur bottting session on the same build.

Download : HERE

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Which '.exe/.dll' Software can works with this ?

  • Anything !

It can works we any software since it's only replace Hexadecimals values from the build. IF it's NOT a .Net assembly, you will just get a logs warning.

Requirements :

  • Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) 32bits & 64bits
  • Anys Builds Assembly (.exe/.dll)
  • Require Microsoft .net 3.5 installed (Most computer have it)
  • Possible CIL Intructions knowledge


  1. Load Build File
  2. If it's a .dll, please SET the path of the .exe location
  3. Choose which CIL Instructions you want to replace
  4. Clic 'Add' to add instruction method to the bot
  5. Press Play !
  6. Press Next if the current build arent what you looking for


  1. Press Pause Or Stop Bots once you found your wanted result
  2. Simply clic on 'Save File'

Saving will always save the last modded build we tryed and this EVEN if the 'Build' as been restored back to default.


CIL Intructions Exemple :

  • 39 --> 3A | This Replace 'brfalse' to 'brtrue'
  • 39, 01 --> 3A, 03 | This Replace 'brfalse' followed by 0x01 to 'brtrue' followed by 0x03
  • 3901 --> 3A03
  • 0x39 --> 0x3A
  • 0x3901 --> 3A, 0x03

Terms & Condition :

It is free to use and it will always stay FREE. I include the source file for those who want to edit then and make there own projects out of it. Anys kinds of credits and/or referal pages to my github would be very appreciated if you use this source for your own projects.

I can probably give support over EMAIL : [email protected]

Want to support the software developements :

You can and it's really easy. Github seem hard to use but it is not.

  1. Create or Login to your Github Account
  2. Fork this repository to your Github repository
  3. Apply Changes on your account repository
  4. Make a 'Pull Request' on this repository, and show your changes

Donations :

You can donate to me using This Link.