A pane that slides up from the bottom of an android view

Slide Up Pane

##Introduction This is a UI component that closely simulates the bottom UI component of the current Google Maps application, except bouncier. It allows a panel to be placed at the bottom of the screen that a user can pull up over the view above it. Intermediate stops can also be added so that it has “sticky” points along the path.

##Installation Make sure maven central is in your repository list then simply include the dependency.

dependencies {
    compile "com.briangriffey:slideuppane:[email protected]"

##Usage SlideUpPane can be added to any container. It will slide over any other components placed in that container.

For example:

<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""


            android:text="some button"
            android:layout_height="wrap_content" />

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The SlideUpPane extends a LinearLayout with a vertical orientation, so any components added to it will follow that convention.

##Demo The video demos the pane with a 50% stop added

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A pane that slides up from the bottom of an android view ...

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