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A curated list of awesome network analysis resources.

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Awesome Network Analysis Awesome DOI

An awesome list of resources to construct, analyze and visualize network data.

Inspired by Awesome Deep Learning, Awesome Math and others.

Adamic and Glance’s network of political blogs, 2004.

Network of U.S. political blogs by Adamic and Glance (2004) (preprint).

Table of Contents



  1. A Novitiate in a Period of Change: An Experimental and Case Study of Social Relationships, by Samuel F. Sampson (unpublished PhD dissertation, 1968).


Accessible introductions aimed at non-technical audiences.

  1. Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives, by Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler (2009).

General Overviews

  1. Encyclopedia of Social Networks, edited by George A. Barnett - Covers all sorts of network-related themes (many of them not formal) as well as social network analysis (2011).

Graph Theory

  1. Complex Graphs and Networks, by Fan Chung and Linyuan Lu (2006).


  1. Bayesian Networks in R with Applications in Systems Biology, by Radhakrishnan Nagarajan, Marco Scutari and Sophie Lèbre (website; 2013).


  1. Analyzing Social Networks (using UCINET), by Stephen P. Borgatti, Martin G. Everett and Jeffrey C. Johnson (2013).


  1. Communities and Networks: Using Social Network Analysis to Rethink Urban and Community Studies, by Katherine Giuffre (2013).


Recurring conferences on network analysis.

  1. ASONAM - IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining.


  1. Complex Networks, by Peter Sheridan Dodds (University of Vermont, 2016).


  1. Barabási and Albert Network Datasets.


Journals that are not fully open-access are marked as “gated”. Please also note that some of the publishers listed below are deeply hurting scientific publishing.

  1. Applied Network Science (Springer Open).

Professional Groups

  1. AFS RT 26 “Réseaux sociaux” - Thematic Network of the French Sociological Association (AFS), in French.

Research Groups (USA)

Network-focused research centers, (reading) groups, institutes, labs – you name it – based in the USA.

  1. Annenberg Networks Network - Research group studying social networks at the University of Southern California.

Research Groups (Other)

Network-focused research centers, (reading) groups, institutes, labs – you name it – based outside of the USA.

  1. Cambridge Networks Network (CNN) - Research network on complex networks.

Review Articles

Archeological and Historical Networks

See also the bibliographies by Claire Lemercier and Claire Zalc (section on ‘études structurales’), by the Historical Network Research Group, and by Tom Brughmans.

  1. Analyse de réseaux et histoire, in French (Revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine, 2005).

Bibliographic, Citation and Semantic Networks

  1. On Bibliographic Networks (Scientometrics, 2013).

Biological, Ecological and Disease Networks

  1. Biological Networks (Handbook of Graph Drawing and Visualization, 2013).

Complex Networks

  1. The Architecture of Complexity - From network theory to complexity theory (IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 2007).

Ethics of Network Analysis

  1. A Cautionary Note on Data Inputs and Visual Outputs in Social Network Analysis (SNA) (preprint; British Journal of Management, 2014).

Network Modeling

  1. A Brief History of Statistical Models for Network Analysis and Open Challenges (Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 2012).

Network Visualization

  1. Explorations into the Visualization of Policy Networks (Journal of Theoretical Politics, 1999).

Social, Economic and Political Networks

See also the bibliographies by Eszter Hargittai, by Pierre François and by Pierre Mercklé.

  1. A propos de la notion de rôle dans l'analyse des relations sociales (Mathématiques et sciences humaines, 2011).

Selected Papers

A voluntarily short list of applied, epistemological and methodological articles, many of which have become classic readings in network analysis courses. Intended for highly motivated social science students with little to no prior exposure to network analysis.

  1. Aux sources des grands réseaux d’interactions. Retour sur quelques propriétés déterminantes des réseaux sociaux issus de corpus documentaires, by Pascal Cristofoli, in French - Reviews the current state of relational sociology and network analysis in light of the large-scale and online data (Réseaux, 2008).


For a hint of why this section of the list might be useful to some, see Mark Round’s Map of Data Formats and Software Tools (2009).
Several links in this section come from the NetWiki Shared Code page, from the Cambridge Networks Network List of Resources for Complex Network Analysis, and from the Software for Social Network Analysis page by Mark Huisman and Marijtje A.J. van Duijn. For a recent academic review on the subject, see the Social Network Algorithms and Software entry of the International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition (2015).
See also the Social Network Analysis Project Survey (blog post), an earlier attempt to chart social network analysis tools that links to many commercial platforms not included in this list, such as The Wikipedia English entry on Social Network Analysis Software also links to many commercial that are often very expensive, outdated, and far from being awesome by any reasonable standard.
Software-centric tutorials are listed below their program of choice: other tutorials are listed in the next section.

  1. ArcGIS Network Analyst - Network-based spatial analysis software for solving complex routing problems.


Network placement and community detection algorithms that do not fit in any of the next subsections.
See also the Awesome Algorithms and Awesome Algorithm Visualization lists for more algorithmic awesomess.

  1. algo.graph - Basic graph theory algorithms written in Clojure.

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