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LoRa Server is an open-source LoRaWAN network-server

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go get github.com/brocaar/loraserver/api
go get github.com/brocaar/loraserver/internal/api
go get github.com/brocaar/loraserver/internal/backend/gateway
go get github.com/brocaar/loraserver/internal/migrations
go get github.com/brocaar/loraserver/internal/backend
go get github.com/brocaar/loraserver/internal/backend/controller
go get github.com/brocaar/loraserver/internal/loraserver
go get github.com/brocaar/loraserver/internal/api/auth
go get github.com/brocaar/loraserver/internal/common
go get github.com/brocaar/loraserver/internal/storage

LoRa Server

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LoRa Server is an open-source LoRaWAN network-server. It is responsible for handling (and de-duplication) of uplink data received by the gateway(s) and the scheduling of downlink data transmissions.

Project components

This project exists out of multiple components



Please refer to the documentation for the getting started documentation and implemented features.


Pre-compiled binaries are available for:

  • Linux (including ARM / Raspberry Pi)
  • OS X
  • Windows

See https://github.com/brocaar/loraserver/releases for downloads. Source-code can be found at https://github.com/brocaar/loraserver.

Building from source

Building from souce requires a working Go environment with vendoring support. Alternatively, you could use the provided docker-compose environment for compiling the source.




LoRa Server is distributed under the MIT license. See also LICENSE.

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