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Complete Node Reinstall for OSX and Linux

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Node Re-install

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Complete Node Reinstall for OSX and Linux. See the SO article for reference and the related gist that spawned this repo. This deletes everything, yes everything, and re-installs Node and NPM with NVM (or Nave), then re-installs any global NPM modules already installed.

Don't have Node.js installed yet? No problem. It also works as a first-time installer.


Clone this Repo

Clone this repo somewhere. If you have SSH setup with GitHub, use this format:

git clone [email protected]:brock/node-reinstall.git

Otherwise, clone this repo using HTTPS:

git clone

Run the Re-Installer

Change into the directory:

cd node-reinstall

To run node-reinstall, you can call it directly since it is an executable file:


Or you can run it with bash:

bash node-reinstall

If you decide later that you want to re-install Node.js all over again, just come back to the directory where you cloned the node-reinstall repo, optionally update to the latest version of node-reinstall by running git pull, then run it again:

git pull
bash node-reinstall


If you are comfortable with Bash and the command line, you can copy the node-reinstall file to someplace in your $PATH

cp node-reinstall ~/bin/node-reinstall

With node-reinstall in your $PATH you can execute it from any directory:



Whenever you feel like you need to completely re-install Node and NPM, simply execute node-reinstall. You'll be prompted for sudo privileges since this will remove all possible installation paths. Pull requests welcome.

Usage:  node-reinstall [--nave|--nvm|--nvm-latest] [-h|--help] [-v|--version] [NODE_VERSION]


node-reinstall                  re-install node and npm using nvm
node-reinstall [-h|--help]      show help
node-reinstall [-v|--version]   show the node-reinstall version number
node-reinstall [-f|--force]     installs defaults without user confirmation
node-reinstall --nave           re-install using nave
node-reinstall --nvm            re-install using stable nvm - the default
node-reinstall --nvm-latest     re-install using latest nvm - creationix/nvm:master
node-reinstall 5.0.0            specify a default node version

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