Logzio hook for Logrus

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Logzio hook for Logrus :walrus:

Send Logrus logs to Logzio

Getting Started

Get Logzio token

  1. Go to Logzio website
  2. Sign in with your Logzio account
  3. Click the top menu gear icon (Account)
  4. The Logzio token is given in the account page

Initialize Logzio hook

package yourpackagename

import (

const LOGZIO_TOKEN = "fjdhslGJHSDHG23edg"

func main() {
        ctx := logrus.Fields{
                "ID": "12adebacd8",
                "Version": "1.0.0-dev",
        hook, err := logruzio.New(LOGZIO_TOKEN, "YourAppName", ctx)
        if err != nil {
        logrus.Info("Lets go!")

NOTE: Set LOGZIO_TOKEN to the Logzio token as mentioned in Get Logzio token.