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Cookbook to install the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop

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The hadoop_mapr Cookbook


This cookbook may work on earlier versions, but these are the minimal tested versions:

  • Chef 11.16.4+
  • CentOS 6.6+
  • Ubuntu 12.04+

If you plan on using Hive with a database other than the embedded Derby, you will need to provide and set it up prior to starting the Hive MetaStore service. Similarly, if you plan on installing mapr-metrics, you will need to setup MySQL prior to configuring the mapr-metrics service.


This cookbook is an adaptation of the Hadoop cookbook for the MapR distribution of Hadoop. It is designed to be used with a wrapper cookbook or a role with settings for configuring MapR. The services should work out of the box on a single host, but little validation is performed that you have created a working MapR installation.

This cookbook provides an LWRP for running the MapR configure.sh utility. Additionally, the Hadoop configuration is attribute-driven, with default attributes in place to match the configure.sh output. The goal is to wrap and supplement the installation utilities already provided by MapR.

This cookbook is suitable for use via either chef-client or chef-solo since it does not use any chef-server related functionality. The cookbook defines service definitions for ZooKeeper and Warden, but it does not enable or start them by default.

This cookbook has been tested with MapR 4.1.0 and 5.0.0.


MapR Distribution Attributes

  • hadoop_mapr['distribution_version'] - The version of MapR to install. Default: 5.0.0
  • hadoop_mapr['install_dir'] - The base install dir. Default: /opt/mapr. If modified, /opt/mapr will be symlinked to this location.
  • hadoop_mapr['create_mapr_user'] - Flag to enable the MapR user creation. Default: true
  • hadoop_mapr['mapr_user']['username'] - The username to run MapR as. Default: mapr
  • hadoop_mapr['mapr_user']['group'] - The group for the MapR user. Default: mapr
  • hadoop_mapr['mapr_user']['uid'] - The uid for the MapR user. Default: 5000
  • hadoop_mapr['mapr_user']['gid'] - The gid for the MapR user group. Default: 5000
  • hadoop_mapr['mapr_user']['password'] - The password shadow hash for the MapR user. Default: hash of mapr

Hadoop-specific Attributes

This cookbook generates the XML configuration files for Hadoop, overriding the MapR-provided defaults. This allows advanced configurations that would otherwise require hand-editing outside of the MapR utilities. A helper library is used to determine the install location of these configuration files.

Attribute trees are used to define each Hadoop configuration file. The attribute name determines in which file the property is placed and the property name. The attribute value is the property value. For example: the attribute hadoop_mapr['core_site']['hadoop.tmp.dir'] will configure a property named hadoop.tmp.dir in core-site.xml, located in the MapR install directory, such as /opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-[version]/etc/hadoop. All attribute values are taken as-is and only minimal configuration checking is performed on values. It is up to the user to provide a valid configuration for your cluster.

Attribute Tree File Location
hadoop_mapr['core_site'] core-site.xml hadoop_mapr['install_dir']/hadoop/hadoop-[version]/etc/hadoop
hadoop_mapr['hbase_site'] hbase-site.xml hadoop_mapr['install_dir']/hbase/hbase-[version]/conf
hadoop_mapr['hive_site'] hive-site.xml hadoop_mapr['install_dir']/hive/hive-[version]/conf
hadoop_mapr['mapred_site'] mapred-site.xml hadoop_mapr['install_dir']/hadoop/hadoop-[version]/etc/hadoop
hadoop_mapr['yarn_site'] yarn-site.xml hadoop_mapr['install_dir']/hadoop/hadoop-[version]/etc/hadoop

Please see the hbase, hive, and yarn attributes files. They contain default values which generally match the MapR-generated defaults, except where noted.


  • cldb.rb - Sets up a CLDB
  • default.rb - Sets up the install directory, MapR user, and hadoop.tmp.dir
  • fileserver.rb - Sets up a Fileserver
  • gateway.rb - Sets up a Gateway
  • hadoop_yarn.rb - Sets up the Hadoop configuration
  • hadoop_yarn_nodemanager.rb - Sets up a YARN NodeManager
  • hadoop_yarn_resourcemanager.rb - Sets up a YARN ResourceManager
  • hbase.rb - Sets up the HBase configuration
  • hbase_master.rb - Sets up an HBase Master
  • hbase_regionserver.rb - Sets up an HBase RegionServer
  • historyserver.rb - Sets up a HistoryServer
  • hive.rb - Sets up the Hive configuration
  • hive_metastore.rb - Sets up a Hive MetaStore
  • hive_server2.rb - Sets up a Hive Server2
  • metrics.rb - Installs the Metrics package
  • nfs.rb - Installs the NFS package
  • repo.rb - Sets up package manager repositories for the specified MapR distribution version
  • warden.rb - Sets up a Warden service
  • webserver.rb - Sets up a Webserver service
  • zookeeper.rb - Sets up a ZooKeeper server


Note: the following resource(s) make use of utility scripts provided by MapR itself. Therefore, these resources require at a minimum that the 'warden' recipe be included in the run_list prior to invocation.


The configure resource is a wrapper around the configure.sh script provided by the mapr-core-internal package.


Action Description
:run run configure.sh


Attribute Type Default Value Description
:cldb_list Array The list of CLDB nodes of the cluster (hostname[:port][,hostname[:port]...]).
:cldb_mh_list Array The list of multi-homed CLDB nodes of the cluster (hostname[:port][,hostname[:port]...] hostname[:port][,hostname[:port]...] ...).
:zookeeper_list Array The list of ZooKeeper nodes of the cluster (hostname[:port][,hostname[:port]...]).
:cluster_name String The name of the cluster.
:refresh_roles Boolean false Refresh roles, passes the -R flag. It is incompatable with many other options.
:client_only_mode Boolean false Client-only mode, passes the -c flag.
:args Array Any other options from http://doc.mapr.com/display/MapR/configure.sh. Use a key-value hash element for parameters with values.


Example usage of an initial run of configure.sh, including disk setup:

hadoop_mapr_configure 'my_cluster' do
  cldb_list [ 'hostA', 'hostB', 'hostC' ]
  zookeeper_list [ 'hostA', 'hostB', 'hostC' ]
  # cldb_mh_list [ 'hostDeth0,hostDeth1', 'hostEeth0,hostEeth1' ]
  refresh_roles false
  client_only_mode false
  args [ '-noDB', {'-D': '/dev/sdc'}, {'-disk-opts':'F'}, '-no-autostart' ]
  action :run


Author: Cask Data, Inc. ([email protected])


This cookbook contains the foodcritic, rubocop, and chefspec code tests. It also includes functionality testing provided by kitchen.

rake chefspec     # Run RSpec code examples
rake foodcritic   # Foodcritic linter
rake integration  # Run Test Kitchen integration tests
rake metadata     # Create metadata.json from metadata.rb
rake rubocop      # Ruby style guide linter


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this software except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

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