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Simple node js module for uploading and removing files from Google Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Simple wrapper for uploading and deleting files from Google Cloud Storage.

Thanks to @bsphere for


npm install cloud-storage

Getting Started

  1. Sign into the Google Cloud Console site:

  2. Go to your project and under APIs & auth click on Credentials

  3. Create an Oauth Service Account for your project if you don’t already have one

  4. Under the Service Account section copy your email address (that is your accessId)

  5. If you do not have a private key, click Generate new key to generate one (this will download a .p12 file to your computer)

  6. Convert the key to a .pem file

    openssl pkcs12 -in path/to/key.p12 -nodes -nocerts > path/to/key.pem
  7. If prompted for a password enter notasecret

  8. Store this .pem file somewhere secret (the path to this file is your privateKey)


Creating a cloud storage object

var CloudStorage = require('cloud-storage');
var storage = new CloudStorage({
    accessId: '[email protected]',
    privateKey: '/path/to/private/key.pem'

Copying a file to cloud storage

// copy a local file or a url
storage.copy('/path/to/something.jpg', 'gs://some-bucket/something.jpg', function(err, url) {
    // public url for your file

Deleting a file from cloud storage

storage.remove('gs://some-bucket/something.jpg', function(err, success) {

Custom options and metadata

// if you want to get crazy you can pass in options and metadata
var options = {
    headers: {
        'Cache-Control': 'public, max-age=7200, no-transform',
        'X-Goog-Acl': 'bucket-owner-full-control'
    metadata: {
        'width': 100,
        'height': 100

    // remove the original file on disk after it is copied
    removeAfterCopy: true,

    // force an extension to be added to the destination
    forceExtension: true

storage.copy('', 'gs://some-bucket/images/file', options, function(err, url) {


Get a url for a file

var url = storage.getUrl('gs://some-bucket/images/file.jpg')

// expiration time in seconds
var options = {
    expiration: 100,
    download: true

var signedUrl = storage.getSignedUrl('gs://some-bucket/images/file.jpg', options)

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