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HTML5 application architecture using Backbone.js

2 years after MIT


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An Application Architecture Using Backbone.js


Chaplin is an architecture for JavaScript applications using the Backbone.js library.

All information, commercial support contacts and examples are available at, comprehensive documentation and class reference can be found at

Download the latest release on See below on how to compile from source manually.

Building Chaplin

The Chaplin source files are originally written in the CoffeeScript meta-language. However, the Chaplin library file is a compiled JavaScript file which defines the chaplin module.

Our build script compiles the CoffeeScripts and bundles them into one file. To run the script, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Node.js.

  2. Open a shell (aka terminal aka command prompt) and type in the commands in the following steps.

  3. Change into the Chaplin root directory.

  4. Install all dependencies

    npm install
  5. Start the build

    npm run build install

This creates these files in build dir:

  • chaplin.js – The library as a compiled JavaScript file.
  • chaplin.min.js – Minified. For production use you should pick this.

Running the Tests

Chaplin aims to be fully unit-tested. At the moment most of the modules are covered by Mocha tests.

How to run the tests:

  1. Follow the steps for building chaplin.
  2. Open a shell (aka terminal aka command prompt) and type in the commands in the following steps.
  3. Change into the Chaplin root directory.
  4. Start the test runner.

    npm test

or alternatively, if you want code coverage reports

   npm run coverage

Generated code coverage reports may be viewed by opening coverage/index.html in your browser.


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package version
backbone ~1.3.3
underscore ~1.8.3
dev backbone.nativeview ~0.3.3
chai 3.5.x
coffee-coverage 1.0.1
coffee-script 1.10.x
coffeeify ~2.0.1
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grunt-contrib-compress 0.14.x
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grunt-contrib-watch ~0.6.1
grunt-istanbul 0.7.0
grunt-mocha-test ~0.12.7
grunt-transbrute 0.2.x
jquery 2.2.x
jsdom ~8.0.2
jsdom-assign shvaikalesh/jsdom-assign
mocha ~2.4.5
prompt ~0.2.14
sinon ~1.17.3
sinon-chai 2.8.x


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