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A simple django app that provides change and deletion links to FK fields in the admin

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A simple django app that provided change and deletion links to FK fields in the admin before tickets #13163 <> and #13165 <> were fixed.

Note that this apps works with 1.4 <= Django < 1.8 since both ticket have been solved and merged into Django 1.8.


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The recommended way to install django-admin-enhancer is via pip <>__:

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pip install django-admin-enhancer

Add 'admin_enhancer' to your INSTALLED_APPS to avoid getting TemplateDoesNotExist errors.

Make sure to mix EnhancedModelAdminMixin when dealing with django.contrib.admin.ModelAdmin subclasses and EnhancedAdminMixin when dealing with django.contrib.admin.InlineModelAdmin at both ends of the relationship. The mixins are located at admin_enhancer.admin.

If edition and deletion controls appears but the popup is not closed nor is the select box updated your ModelAdmin subclass referenced by the field in question is probably not mixed with EnhancedModelAdminMixin.

For some examples take a look here <>__.

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