JetBrains BioLabs project

This is term research project goals to develop benchmark prototype for comprehensive tool comparison, which is easy to extend with new tools and tests.


ChIP-seq has become a widely adopted genomic assay in recent years to determine binding sites for transcription factors or enrichments for specific histone modifications. Many different tools have been developed and published in recent years. However, a comprehensive comparison and review of these tools is still missing.


  • clone this repo
  • install ChIP-seq tools for comparisons(see supported tools below)
  • prepare datasets
  • create config files in YAML format(see config/example___…Config.yaml)

Important links

The idea of this project based on recent research made by Sebastian Steinhauser, Nils Kurzawa, Roland Eils and Carl Herrmann. See the paper A comprehensive comparison of tools for differential ChIP-seq analysis

Project Roadmap

  • Base
    • epigenetics
    • ChIP-Seq
    • peak calling
  • Wrap tools CHip-Seq analysis
  • Develop prototype of benchmark
  • Make some service for benchmarking tools(optional)

GSM’s used in development

  • GSM1534712
  • GSM1534713
  • GSM1534714
  • GSM1534715
  • GSM1534736
  • GSM1534737
  • GSM1534738
  • GSM1534739

Currently supported tools

  • Zinbra
  • Chipdiff
  • MACS2
  • MAnorm


[term2-research]$ python src/Main.py -h

usage: Main.py [-h] [-t TOOLCONFIG] [-d DATACONFIG]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t TOOLCONFIG, --toolconfig TOOLCONFIG
                        YAML file with tool config. See example in <config> folder
  -d DATACONFIG, --dataconfig DATACONFIG
                        YAML file with data config. See example in <config> folder

How to add new tool for benchmarking

To begin comparison with new tool you have to proceed the following steps: * Create tool_name.py file in src/tools which implements interface AbstractTool. Precicely you need to implement only three methods: - configure_data - configure_run_params - run In the configuration methods you are free to pass any arguments you want to be saved as tool state

  • Add running method in the src/tools/running.py to be able to start your tool with given params from outside
  • Add method with signature ___extract_newtoolname(self) inside of class src/dataprocessing/dr_extractor.py which has access to data you work with and configuration params you
  • Append YAML configuration block for your tool which contains any keys you need(see config/example__toolConfig)

How to extend benhmarking set

You havе to provide just another method of class Benchmark which is placed in src/bench/benchmarking.py with name __show_smth_you_want(self). This method will be started automatically with another tests after peak extraction.

Available benchmarks for now

  • Peak length distribution
  • Number of DRs
  • Consistency diagrams(Venn and scatterplots)


  • How many tools will be compared after start?
    • As many as you described in the configuration file. If you want to compare just a subset of tools, you may comment out the rest

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