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Markov chain based next-word suggestions


Intellitext is a small experiement with markov chain automata. The experiment is inspired by the newly introduced iOS 8 feature, the intelligent text predictions during typing. Since this feature was not provided for the Russian language, I was curios what would it take to implement this feature using a simple markov chain automaton.

Notes to myself

To setup a dev-env:

  1. Run the CLJS compilation with lein cljsbuild auto.
  2. Start the simple web server with lein simpleton 8080.
  3. Start the normal leiningen REPL with lein repl.
  4. Connect to the REPL from Vim with fireplace’c :Connect.
  5. Connect by fireplaces :Piggieback to start JS REPL.
  6. ???
  7. Consider to switch to more mature development tools.

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