Easily create fancy blurry wallpapers from photos

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How to help translate Blurify

Translating Blurify is very easy. Please create an account on, and then start a new translation on this page to begin! Submitted translations will be included in future updates of the app.

Welcome to the public repository for Blurify Android application! Don't hesitate to contribute to make the app better!


With Blurify, you can easily transform photos and saved wallpapers into blurry ones to increase the depth of field effect on your homescreen!


We really need support for languages other than english or french. Most used languages are japanese, thaï, arabic and spanish.



Blurify is distributed under the GNU GPL version 2. Blurify is copyrighted 2015 by its various authors as identified in the source files.

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-   v3.2.0 zip tar
-   v3.1.0 zip tar
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-   v3.0.2 zip tar
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-   v3.0 zip tar