API for tracking Greenville's trolleys with .NET

3 years after


Trolley Tracker route data management and API interface

Toolset -

  • Visual Studio 2017 (Release), Visual Studio 2015 might still work
  • SQL Server 2014 / SQL Server Express
  • Code-First development
  • .NET 4.6.2
  • ASP.NET version 4.x
  • MVC version 5
  • Entity Framework 6.3

General Layout

System Block Diagram

Parameters may be viewed from a web browser. For changes, Login to the web app with a user with a route management role - [email protected] for example.

Server location

The API and web Server is located at

There is a Dev server located at . The purpose of the dev server is for testing client apps when there is no current trolley running. The schedule may be changed as needed to activate route(s).


NOTE: Refer to the Javascript located in source folder DBVisualizer / index.html for example parse sequences. Most applications will only need a subset of those calls.

API views may be entered into a browser and the results will be in XML. API views called from CURL and specified with text/xml return as XML. Applications wishing for JSON should specify in their request