Cognoma Core API

3 years after

Cognoma core-service

This repository, under the umbrella of Project Cognoma (, holds the source code, under open source license, of a runnable django rest API, a component in the overall system specified in Project Cognoma.

Getting started

Make sure to fork this repository on +GitHub first.


  • Docker - tested with 1.12.1
  • Docker Compose - tested with 1.8.0

Starting up the service

docker-compose up

Sometimes the postgres image takes a while to load on first run and the Django server starts up first. If this happens just ctrl+C and rerun docker-compose up

The code in the repository is also mounted as a volume in the core-service container. This means you can edit code on your host machine, using your favorite editor, and the django server will automatically restart to reflect the code changes.

The server should start up at http://localhost:8080/, see the API docs.

Running tests locally

Make sure the service is up first using docker-compose up then run:

docker-compose exec core python test

Loading cancer static data

To load data, again with service up run:

docker-compose exec core bash
python acquiredata 
python loaddata

To verify, run curl http://localhost:8000/diseases/ to get a list of all diseases.

Or, run curl http://localhost:8000/samples?limit=10 to view data for 10 samples.

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