Mobile app for the Crownstone (Android & iOS)

Crownstone iOS & Android app

The Crownstone iOS and Android apps are work in progress. The roadmap of the software development can be found at Trello.

The Android development is always a few weeks behind the iOS development, especially with respect to the graphical user interface.

The application makes use of separate libraries (so called bluenet libraries) that are native to the platform. This is on purpose so that people can be make use of the Crownstone libraries without the need to use React Native. See below for getting the libraries.


The compiled app can be downloaded from Crownstone.

Login screen Overview screen Room screen



  • nodejs
  • Yarn, can be obtained at
  • Carthage (for iOS)
  • Android Studio (for Android)

Setup instructions:

react-native link
cd ios
carthage bootstrap --platform iOS --no-use-binaries
cd ..


  1. Get the nodejs modules:

  2. Clone the bluenet lib for android:

    cd android
    git clone bluenet
    cd ..
  3. Get the bluenet localization lib:


  1. Import the project in Android Studio

    File > New > Import Project ...

    Choose the android dir.


Run the tests:

npm test

Run the lint task:

npm run lint

Run react-native for iOS:

react-native run-ios

Alternatively, run reactive for Android:

react-native run-android

If there are problems with PHC folders during iOS compilation, remove the build folder in the ios map. Cameraroll has to be manually added to iosbuild in 0.22


The slider needs to be edited in order to work, includes are wrong.

File issues at the Github Issue Tracker.


The copyrights (2014-2017) belongs to the team of Crownstone B.V. and are provided under an noncontagious open-source license:

Authors: Alex de Mulder, Bart van Vliet Date: 1 Apr. 2016 Triple-licensed: LGPL v3+, Apache, MIT Crownstone B.V., Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Mobile app for the Crownstone (Android & iOS) ...