Performance Automation for D8 Scenarios.


Please see https://www.drupal.org/node/2497185



Download and install xhprof-kit. Follow the setup instructions to ensure the symlinks are in the proper places for your drupal installation. This will create an index-perf.php file which dohelpy.buildUrl is expecting to be there on requests it profiles.

Calling Stuff

Assuming you have a drush alias to whatever you’re trying to run this against:

./run_scenario.sh A @alias

Docker Integration

The Dockerfile provides a basic set of instructions to build a docker container which contains node, casperjs, and drush.

Building the container

The scripts assume you’ll be using a drush alias in order to perform the actions against the D8 site, but it needs those to be inside the container.

Place any required drush alias files in the drush folder before building the container. Look at the drush folder’s readme for instructions on extra parameters you might need to add.

Run docker build -t "cthos/d8-perf-casper" . to then build the container.

Running the container

docker run -i -t cthos/d8-perf-casper A @drupalvm.drupalvm.dev

If you’re using drupalvm

You might need to mount the insecure_private_key as well as add the virtual host to the hosts file (assuming it’s not accessible from the web).

docker run --add-host="drupalvm.dev:" -v /Users/cthos/.vagrant.d:/root/.vagrant.d -i -t cthos/d8-perf-casper A @drupalvm.drupalvm.dev


  • Scenario A1 does not present you a link because it’s not rendering a page to capture. It’ll be the most recent run in /xhprof-kit/xhprof/xhprof_html/index.php

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