A complete list of all available Alexa Skills

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Alexa Skills List

A complete list of all available Alexa Skills

Total Skills Available: 4271

'We Are' Cheer

Alexa, start the We Are cheer

Alexa leads you in the iconic 'We Are' cheer.

"Coffee and Daisies" Trivia

Alexa, open Coffee Talk Trivia

Test your knowledge of fun trivia from this awesome hit show.


Alexa ask 1-800-Flowers to order Becky flowers

Quickly order flowers for contacts in your 1-800-Flowers account.

1-Minute Mindfulness

Alexa, Ask Mindfulness for a minute meditation.

1-Minute Mindfulness from Walking Affirmations is a skill that allows you to take a break from the world around you & enter into a one minute sound meditation.

10 Facts about Germany

Alexa, open germany facts

This skill contains 10 facts about Germany

13 Month Cal

Alexa, ask 13 Month Cal for the date

Get today's date on the 13 Month Cal!

15-122 Queue Times

Alexa, ask the queue, what is the average wait time?

Ask Alexa about the average wait time on the CMU 15-122 Office Hours Queue.

1980s Movie Quotes

Alexa, launch movie quotes and tell me a movie quote

Provides a 1980s movie quote

1990s Movie Quotes

Alexa, ask nineties movie quotes to tell me a movie quote

Provides 1990s movie quotes

2000s Movie Quotes

Alexa, ask Millenium Movie Quotes for a movie quote

Provides a 2000s movie quote

2016 Presidential Race

Alexa ask Presidential Race who is winning

Presidential Race give you up to date results on the current status of the 2016 US presidential election polls between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

2016 Swimming Trials Standards

Alexa, ask swimming trials what is the time standard for the 200 free

Ask Alexa what the 2016 Swimming Trial Standards are for athletes competing to participate in Rio.

21 Blackjack

Alexa, open black jack

Compete with the dealer to score 21 points in this classic card game

21 Dayz

Alexa, start 21 Dayz

As the saying goes, it takes at least 21 days to build a habit. Use 21 Dayz to help guide you in your journey to developing new business or personal habits.

3 Minute Hero song lyrics

Alexa open three minute hero and tell me a lyric

Ask Alexa to tell you a lyric from a 3 Minute Hero song

3-Dharma Inspirations

Alexa, launch dharma inspirations

3-Dharma Inspirations dispenses 3 sayings of the Buddha with one request. It is insightful & inspirational each time.


Alexa, ask thirty sec to play Jerry Rice

ThirtySec provides real voices of people.

3D printing facts

Alexa, open three d. printing facts and tell me something

short and quick facts about 3d printing


Alexa, Ask For A Fart

The best reason yet to own an Echo! Have all the fun of a fart without any of the smell!

5 Hot Trends

Alexa, ask Hot Trends for the top five keywords.

This skill gives what are the top 5 trend keywords that are mostly asked by people now.

7-Minute Workout

Alexa, start seven minute workout.

Are you ready to lead a happier, healthier life? Get your heart moving and reduce stress in only seven minutes a day! To start, say 'Start 7-Minute Workout.'

70s Music Quiz

Alexa, start seventies music quiz

70s Music Quiz is a fun trivia game about music from that era.


Alexa, ask 7 Sigma for my update.

Get concise updates on all elements of your operation and infrastructure based on combined data from multiple sources.

80's Movie Trivia

Alexa, open eighties movie trivia

If you say "Alexa play 80's Movie Trivia" you will be presented with 5 questions, each with a choice of 5 answers. Answer using the corresponding number.

80s Trivia

Alexa, start eighties trivia

80s Trivia

9 Times Table Flash Cards

alexa open nine times table and start game

flash cards for 9 times table

9Cookies GmbH

There are no example interactions for this skill.


A Cloud Guru

Alexa, open A Cloud Guru.

Are you studying for an Amazon Web Services Certification exam? This Skill helps you study by asking you practice exam questions for your AWS Certifications.

A Cloud Guru Professional DevOps Quiz

Alexa, start A Cloud Guru Professional

Are you studying for your Amazon Web Services Professional DevOps Engineer exam? This Alexa app will help you study by asking you practice exam questions.

A fan's trivia about the San Francisco Giants

Alexa, ask giants trivia

A fan's trivia app covering the San Francisco Giants since the mid 80's.

A Magic Trick

Alexa, magic trick

Have Alexa play an amazing guess-the-number trick.

A Scout Is

Alexa, ask a scout is about a law

Boy Scout Laws (including explanation)

A Yo Mama Joke

Alexa, open Yo Mama Joke

This skill will randomly pick from over 2,000 Yo Mama Jokes.

Abe Facts

Alexa open abe facts

Abraham Lincoln Facts Skill

ABFM Board Review

Alexa, ask board review questions.

Prepare for the Family Medicine boards! Your Alexa device will now ask you board review questions. From the American Board of Family Medicine.

Ability Trivia for League of Legends

Alexa, launch league trivia

Do you know ultimate abilities as well as the pros do? Perfect for shoutcaster training!


Alexa Tell abode that I am leaving

Control your abode home security system with Alexa voice commands. Ask Alexa to arm your system, get the status of your doors, or determine your system status.


alexa ask audacy tell me some facts

Little fun facts about Audacy Corp ( from vision, products and technology inside.


Alexa start Akinator

Abra is a character-guessing game. Think of a character, real or fictional, and Abra will ask you questions and figure out who it is.

According to Bob

Alexa, play According to Bob

"According to Bob" is a fun trivia game that tests your knowledge of Bob Dylan's prose.


Alexa, start AccuWeather.

Stay connected to the latest in weather forecasting with AccuWeather. Ask for weather forecasts up to 15 days, for global locations, to better plan your life.

Acoustic Chord

Alexa, ask Acoustic Chord to play D seventh

TsaTsaTzu's presents Acoustic Chord, for handsfree help playing chords. Keeping your hands on your instrument you can check your chords and all variant tabs.

Acoustic Metronome

Alexa, open metronome

TsaTsaTzu presents a handsfree metronome for the Alexa. For the tempo-minded soul within.

Acoustic Tuner

Alexa, open acoustic tuner

TsaTsaTzu's presents Acoustic Tuner for hands free, accurate, instrument or vocal tuning. For help tuning your instrument mid-song.

acronym trivia

Alexa, start acronym trivia

a trivia game that asks the player to solve the words to a acronym

Activity Selector

alexa open activity selector

help select an activity for the day


"Alexa, ask calorie counter to log food apple"

Use ActualCalorie to keep track of you calories.

Adam Pippert Fact Skill

Alexa, ask Adam Pippert Facts to tell me trivia

Alexa knows about Adam Pippert

Adjudicator DiceBot

Alexa ask DiceBot to roll 2 d 6

Roll any number of dice of any type


"Alexa, tell my admirer to make me smile."

Make your day better with a compliment!

"Alexa, tell my admirer to give me a compliment."

Advent Calendar

Alexa Open Advent Calendar

Let Advent Calendar read you the verse of the day during the holiday season.


Alexa, open adventure and play dave of doom.

The Adventure skill enables you to interact with stories and change their ending!

advertising technology quiz

alexa, start advertising technology quiz

Advertising technology terms multiple choice quiz

Aether Air Quality Reporter

Alexa, ask Aether about Minneapolis.

Tells you the current air quality in most major U.S. cities. Alexa, ask Aeather about Minneapolis.

African American Facts

Alexa open African American Facts

African American Facts gives you the information you need to know.

Age Calculator

Alexa, ask Age Calculator, how old is someone born on June 12, 2015?

The Age Calculator helps calculate age between a given date and now.

Aggie Facts

Alexa, ask Aggie Facts for a fact

Ask Alexa for facts about Texas A&M University and anything Aggie related.


Alexa, ask aggie facts to tell me a fact

Quick facts about Texas A&M University


Alexa, ask aggie jokes to tell me a joke

Who doesn't like a good aggie joke. Here is a random aggie joke at your command!

Agog Reader

Alexa, ask Agog Reader for Barack Obama.

Listen to Tweets


Alexa, ask Aikido Facts to tell me an Aikido fact

Ask Alexa for facts about Aikido. Have fun :) Osu!

Air Boss

Alexa, launch Air Boss

I feel the need ... the need for speed! Are you a Top Gun pilot? "Alexa, open Air Boss" to find out if you're Maverick, Goose, or just a wingman.

Air Quality

Alexa, ask air quality to get me the report for 07753

This skill reports the air quality index for US zip codes

Air Quality

Alexa, Ask Air Quality For Air Quality in New York

This skill queries the national weather service to figure out the air quality in a US City. Currently only New York City is supported.

Air Quality Meter

Alexa, launch Air Quality Meter

Real time air quality rating for major U.S. cities. Alexa, launch Air Quality Meter

Air Quality Report

Alexa, ask air quality report for zip code nine eight one zero nine

Get air quality report for 5-digit US ZIP codes

Air Time

Alexa ask air time how long the wait is at SJC

Check the wait times at any airport in the country.

Airplane Amy

Alexa, ask airplane amy a fact

This skill gives you a airplane facts

airplane fact genius

Alexa, ask airplane fact genius to tell me an airplane fact.


Airplane Facts

Alexa, launch airplane facts.

Airplane Facts

Airport Info

Alexa, ask airport info for delay information at SFO

Get flight delay information for US airports

Airport METAR Reader

Alexa, ask airport weather to get Cincinnati

Reads aloud succinct weather reports (METARS) from airport weather stations, formatted to sound like ATIS.

Airport Report

Alexa ask Airport Report about SFO

Airport Delay Info

Airport Security Wait Times

Alexa, ask airport security for the wait at SFO

Check security wait times at major US airports.

Ajmani Poker facts

Alexa, start poker fun facts

100s of Poker fun facts including pre-flop and post flop probabilities and odds


There are no example interactions for this skill.


Al Bundy smarts

Alexa ask bundy smarts to say something

Alexa will have Al Bundy's attitude and try to cheer you up with some funny quotes from Al Bundy

Alabama Facts

Alexa, ask Alabama Facts to tell me an fact about Alabama.

Learn interesting facts about the State of Alabama.

Alan Drinks

Alexa, ask Alan Drinks how can I make a Margarita

Alan Drinks is a skill that gives you the ingredients for a few popular cocktails

Alan Perlis Quotes

Alexa, ask computer geek for a quote.

Alan Perlis Quotes

Alexa, tell Alarm Dot Com to turn on the lights.

Control your system with your voice.

Albert Einstein

Alexa, ask Albert Einstein for a quote

Ask Albert Einstein to tell you one of his famous quotes

Albert Einstein Facts

Alexa, Ask Albert Einstein Facts to tell me a fact

Albert Einstein Facts is a skill that tells a fact about Albert Einstein.

Alfa Bravo Charlie

Alexa ask Alfa Bravo Charlie to start a game

A fun quiz game to test your knowledge of the phonetic alphabet used by NATO and aviation professionals around the world. Can you get a perfect score?

All Knowing Eight Ball

Alexa, ask the 8 ball whether the Cubs will ever win the World Series

The All Knowing 8 Ball can answer life's vexing questions for you, without all that shaking and blue dye getting everywhere.

All States of America

Alexa, start united states

This skill will tell you a random state in the United States of America


Alexa,open almanac info

Get the inauspicious time of the day based on the Indian Vedic Almanac.


Alexa, tell Almond to enable Guest Wi-Fi

Almond brings to Alexa, Wi-Fi and SmartHome features such as Parental controls, Guest Networks, Scenes and Modes. Assume supreme commander of your SmartHome.

Almond for Smart Home

There are no example interactions for this skill.

Almond and Alexa work together to make your home smarter. Enable this skill to control the switches, lights and thermostats connected to your Almond.


Alexa, start pilates class

Take traditional Pilates mat classes from with Amazon Echo. Let Alexa guide you through a series of Pilates exercises. Get ready to feel great

Alphabet Food

Alexa, ask Alphabet Food for foods that start with the letter A.

This skill provides a list of foods for any letter in the alphabet.

Amazing Facts

Alexa, ask Amazing Facts to tell a fact

Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts

Alexa, ask Amazing Facts to tell me an amazing fact

Amaze yourself with these surprising and entertaining facts.

Amazing India

Alexa ask Namaste

To Know about India and India's History and amazing facts about India.

Amazing Word Master Game

Alexa, ask Word Master to play a game

Word Master is an interactive way to learn and challenge yourself with words, while having fun with competing scores. Score higher to win!

American Basketball Trivia

Alexa, ask american basketball trivia

Alexa added skill to ask American Basketball Trivia

American Elections

Alexa ask American Elections

Information about American Elections Process

American History Master

Alexa launch American History Master

Test your knowledge of American History...

American History Quiz

Alexa ask american history quiz

This test asks basic facts about the United States of America.

American History Quiz

Alexa, launch American History Quiz

History Quiz

American Presidential Election Trivia Quiz

Alexa, Open election trivia

Use this game to test your knowledge on topics relating to election day.

American Presidents Game

Alexa, launch American Presidents

American Presidents Trivia game is a fun skill to help students master basic trivia about American Presidents.

American Trivia

Alexa, Open American trivia

Use this game to test your knowledge on topics relating to the history of America.


Alexa, ask American history to tell me something

Have fun with American history facts


Alexa, launch amino acid quiz

Amino Acid Quiz is a game to test your knowledge of amino acid symbols.

Anatomy Facts

Alexa, open anatomy facts

Fun Anatomy Facts!

Ancient China Facts

Alexa, launch ancient china facts

some facts on ancient China

Ancient Faith Radio Podcasts

Alexa, ask Ancient Faith Radio to play The Path podcast.

"Alexa, ask Ancient Faith Radio to play The Path podcast"

Ancient Greek History Quiz

Alexa, launch Greek History Quiz

Let's not forget the Ancient Greeks

Andrew Lau

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Andy K.

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Angry Bard

Alexa, ask Angry Bard for a burn.

This skill provides on-demand insults from Shakespeare's plays.

Angry Quotes

Alexa, open angry quotes

Angry Alexa

Angular Trivia

Alexa, start angular trivia

A quiz for angular developers about the architecture.

animal facts

alexa start animal facts

interesting animal facts

Animal Facts

Alexa, open animal facts.

A list of irreverent animal fact, some true, some not so true, can you tell which ones?

Animal Game

Alexa, start Animal Game

Play the guess-an-animal game with Alexa. Think of an animal and Alexa will guess it by asking questions.

Animal Master

Alexa, start Animal Master.

Play an animal guessing game with Alexa!

animal quiz

Alexa, start animal quiz

animal quiz

Animal trivia

Alexa, play animal trivia

Animal trivia game

Animal Trivia

Alexa, open Animal Trivia

This skill asks animal trivia questions.


Alexa, ask animal facts

Amazing Animal Facts


Alexa start animal quiz

Animal Quiz: simple quiz about animals


Alexa launch animal trivia

Animal Trivia is a trivia game created to test your knowledge of animals, both wild and domestic.

Animation Technology Trivia

Alexa, launch animation technology trivia

Animation technology trivia

Anime Shows

alexa, open anime shows

Anime List

Anime Trivia

Alexa, launch Anime Trivia

Anime Trivia is a game for anime fans to test their knowledge of both popular and less known series.

Ankuoo REC

There are no example interactions for this skill.

Ankuoo REC

annoying acronyms

alexa, launch annoying acronyms

flashcards for acronyms that are common in today's world

Ant facts

Alexa, ask ant queen a fact

Learn various facts about Ants

ant jokes

Alexa, open ant jokes

This skill tells you ant jokes!

Anthony Relle

There are no example interactions for this skill.



Alexa, open Anti-Joker

Want to hear the unfunniest jokes around? Check out Anti-Joker now!

Antonym Scalia

Alexa ask antonym finder what is the opposite of fast

A Antonym lookup for Alexa providing antonyms when ever you need them. Look wicked smart without breaking your stride.

AnyMote Smart Remote

Alexa, ask AnyMote to pause my Sonos.

Turn your voice into a real universal remote! Alexa, tell AnyMote to power on my TV.


Alexa, ask anythings what are the best new smart devices

Anythings lists the best new smart devices and their compatibilities. Discover the most popular products curated by IoT Lovers.


Alexa, ask AOL for the top headlines

AOL provides you the information that you need to know to stay informed and up to date covering these categories: news, sports, finance, entertainment

AP US History quiz

Alexa ask quiz master to start the quiz

A quizlet that tests the important dates in US history as in the AP US History curriculum

Apex Facts

Alexa launch apex facts

Apex, North Carolina random facts


Alexa ask a. p. history to tell me a trivia

Study aid for the AP History Exam that lists facts aloud.


Alexa open applause

Get a round of applause in any situation with the Alexa Applause Skill.

Appsherpas Limited

There are no example interactions for this skill.



Alexa, use APRS and locate kilo victor six mike dash seven

Locate APRS stations

Arabic Phrases

Alexa, ask Arabic Phrases to translate "Hello"

Practice common Arabic phrases.

Arbonne My Office

Alexa, ask My Office, what is my volume at the Area level?

Ask about your Arbonne Independent Consultant volume metrics and team status

Architect Study Quiz

Alexa Open Architect Quiz

A skill to help you study for the AWS Associates Solutions Architect test.

Area Code

Alexa, ask Area Code where is eight six zero

Area Code Lookup


Alexa, open Quiz Mathematics

A quiz game with a difference. Take your learning to the next level by training with a mega hard maths game involving lists!

Arizona Facts

Alexa start Dry Heat

Arizona Facts: Learn some new facts about the State of Arizona.

Arizona Facts

Alexa, open Arizona facts.

Learn interesting facts related to Arizona with this Alexa skill.

Arlington Voter Facts

Alexa, ask arlington voter facts to tell me how old I have to be to vote

Arlington County Voter Facts for the 2016 Election

Arlington Voter Guide

Alexa, ask arlington voter guide where do I vote in Clarendon

Arlington Voter Guide tells you addresses of local poll stations, current general election poll numbers, and who's on the ballot.

Armen Facts

Alexa, open Armen Facts

Facts about Armen.


Alexa, Ask Aromatherapy for a recipe for focus.

Aromatherapy is a skill that can help you with some common diffuser recipes for use with your essential oils collection.


Alexa, Ask aromatherapy for a recipe for focus.

Aromatherapy is a skill that can help you with some common diffuser recipes for use with your essentials oils collection.

Art of War

Alexa, ask Sun Tzu to give me a quote

Get inspired by a hand-selected quote from the master of The Art of War, Sun Tzu.

Art of War Quotes

Alexa, start Art of War

Inspiration: Art of War

Art Quiz

Alexa, open art quiz

Art quiz, paintings and art facts.

Art Quotes

Alexa, ask Art Quotes for a quote.

Hear a random, art quote! Looking for a art quote to inspire and motivate? Ask Art Quotes!


Alexa, open art cards

Flashcards to study the work of famous artists.

Article XII

Alexa, what is Article Twelve?

A guide to Article XII of the U.S. Constitution.


Alexa, talk to Artie

Meet our new intern! He's so excited to be working at imperson that he can't stop talking about it...

Artie's World

Alexa, start Artie's World

Have you ever wanted to get to know Arturo on a deeper level? With Artie's World, your dreams become a reality!

Artist Quotes

Alexa, open artist quote

Artist Way Quotes is a collection of inspirational quotes about rediscovering your creativity - quotes are from the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.

Arty Smartie

'Alexa, open Arty Smartie'

This is a fun trivia quiz about art and artists.

ASCII Converter

Alexa, ask Ascii Converter to convert character A.

A simple skill to convert characters to ASCII codes and back


Alexa, start ASCII Geek

An Alexa skill that recites a random ASCII code

Ashley Medway

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Ask Cloud Ninja

Alexa, ask Cloud Ninja What's New

The Cloud Ninja is your guide to Amazon Web Services, including helping you keep up to date with recent AWS news.

Ask Daddy

Alexa, ask Daddy for a hug.

Ask Daddy provides comic relief as it realistically responds to questions asked by his child.

Ask Earthquakes

Alexa, Ask earthquakes what's shakin'

Recent earthquake information

Ask Grandmom

Alexa, ask Grandmom for candy.

Ask Grandmom provides comic relief as it realistically responds to questions asked by her grandchild.

Ask My Buddy

Alexa, ask My Buddy to help me get started

Ask My Buddy provides an easy and immediate way to send a text message, Voice call, and an email alert message to any or all of your contacts.

Ask Purina

Alexa, ask Purina.

Use Purina’s guided search to learn more about dog breeds and help narrow down what type of dog might be right for you and your family.


Alexa, ask Trump how do you feel about china

Ask Donald Trump a question

Astro Tracker

Alexa ask Astro Tracker who's in space

Provides the current astronauts that are in space.


Alexa, launch AstroBot

Get your head out of the clouds, and launch up into orbit with AstroBot.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

alexa ask astro pic for the picture

Do you love space? Then check out the Astronomy Picture of the Day. Check back daily for new pictures!


Alexa, ask Daily Prayers for prayer times in Seattle

Athan provides the Islamic Prayer Times in a given city.

Atheist Trivia Quiz

Alexa start Atheist Trivia

A trivia game for the non-religious.


Alexa, ask Atlas to find Boston, Massachusetts

Finds the latitude and longitude of US cities.


Alexa ask world atlas what is the capital of united states of america

This skill answers the capital cities of the countries


Alexa, ask atmo what's the temperature?

Retrieve temperature, humidity and other measurements from your Netatmo personal weather station.

Atomic Weight Trivia

Alexa, open atomic weight trivia

Atomic Weight Trivia

ATX Dillo

Alexa, ask Dillo to dig me up a happy hour.

The Dillo will dig you up a happy hour or event around Austin, either tonight or a day within the next week.

Auckland Trivia

Alexa, open Auckland Trivia

Test your knowledge of Auckland City across a range of questions. Learn something new or show off your trivia of the City of Sails (thats a hint)

Audio Battleship

Alexa, start Audio Battleship

Single player game of battleship. Exercise your memory by playing paperless!

Audio Chef

Alexa, open Audio Chef

Audio Chef is your virtual cooking assistant that helps free your hands for cooking while guiding you through the steps of recipes. Visit

Audio Goal

Alexa, ask Audio Goal for a goal

Celebrate a goal - or anything else - with a classic audio "GOOOOOL" sound.

Audio Hangman

Alexa, start Audio Hangman

Single player game of hangman. Exercise your memory by playing paperless!

audio player

Alexa launch apple

This skill plays the favorite music from predefined list

Audio Skill

Alexa launch orange

Some of the predefined audio samples will be played

August Home

Alexa, ask August to list my locks.

Control your August Home Smart Locks and check their status.

Aussie Facts

Alexa, Open Aussie Fact

Learn about the exciting continent in the south called Australia.

Aussie Facts

Alexa, ask aussie facts to give me some information about Australia

Learn some really interesting facts about Australia you didn't know before!

Austin School Lunches

Alexa open school lunch

Elementary school lunch menu for the Austin Independent School District.

Austin Transit

Alexa, ask Austin Transit when the next bus 20 departs from stop 2643.

Get live information on Capital Metro bus status.

Austin Trivia

Alexa, open Austin Trivia

Test your Austin, Texas, knowledge with this simple trivia game.


Alexa, ask Automatic where my car is.

Find out where your car is parked, how much gas you have left, or how far you've driven recently. This skill requires an Automatic adapter.


Alexa, launch car helper


Availability for Pokemon GO

Alexa, ask Poka Available for Macau

Ask Alexa if Pokémon GO is available in your country of region.

Aviation Weather Brief

Alexa, ask Aviation Weather what is the metar for KSMO

Aviation Weather METAR's & Flight Rules


Alexa, ask Awair about air quality

Awair tells you about your indoor air quality

Awesome Dad Jokes

Alexa launch dad jokes

Dad Jokes will tell the user a dad joke that may or may not make people laugh...

awesome hair tips

Alexa, ask awesome hair tips for a hair tip

Ask awesome hair tips for tips on the best ways to care for your hair.

Axelisys Limited

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Ayurvedic Snacking

Alexa, ask ayurvedic snacking to recommend one

An ayurvedic snack recommendation app.

B and O Trivia Game

Alexa, start Daily Trivia

B and O trivia is a game which provide endless fun. It ask random questions in every possible subject you can imagine.

Baby Animals

Alexa, open Baby Animals

Test your knowledge of the names of baby animals in our fun quiz. Ask your Amazon device: "Alexa, open Baby Animals" to play a quick, family-friendly game.

Baby Logs

Alexa tell baby logs to keep logs for Mary

Baby Logs is the perfect app for parents with newborns to toddlers to keep track of the child's naps, feedings, and dirty diapers.

Baby Namer

Alexa, ask Baby Namer for a baby name

Provides random names from a list of over 33,000 names given to children in the United States.

Baby names

Alexa,ask baby names to pick a baby name

Suggest a baby name

Baby Names

Alexa, open Baby Names.

Ask about the popularity of names in the US going back to 1880!

Baby Names

Alexa, start Baby Names

Baby Names can help you find the perfect name for your baby. You can select boy or girl names. Just ask Baby Names for the number of names you want to hear.

Baby Shot

Alexa, Ask baby shot vaccination recommendation for twelve months

Baby Shot is your one stop immunization or vaccine guide for kids in United States.

Baby Stats

Alexa ask baby stats to add poop and pee

Baby stats is a skill that counts stats for your baby (feeding, stool, wet, weight, or others). You can then view them online, or on a mobile app.

Baby Trivia

Alexa, start baby trivia

Baby trivia!


Alexa, ask Baby Names

Tells you baby names that begin with a letter of your choice.

Backgammon Helper

Alexa, ask Backgammon Helper How do I play backgammon ?

Backgammon Helper skill describes the rules of the game backgammon,strategies, game setup etc. Use this skill to get an in depth understanding of the game.

Bacon Dude

Alexa, ask the bacon dude for a fact

Do you love bacon? Do you think you know enough about bacon? Here are more facts about bacon to turn you from casual bacon consumer into bacon master!

Bacon Facts

Alexa, ask Bacon Facts to give me a bacon fact.

A skill that will recite facts about bacon.

Bacon Trivia

Alexa, it's bacon time

A few trivia questions about man's favorite meal: the bacon

Bad Dad Jokes

Alexa ask Dad Joker to tell me a joke

Selects from a random list of groan worthy bad dad jokes!

Baker Street Experience

Alexa, play Baker Street Experience

The Bakerstreet Experience Players Present “Two Days Later: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery” an interactive radioplay for Amazon Echo developed by Schell Games LLC.

Baking Helper

Alexa open Baking Helper

The Baking Helper has information on nearly 3,000 baking recipes. A user can search by food type or ingredients to find a recipe to bake.

Banana Anna

Alexa, ask Banana Anna to tell me a fact

Banana Anna increases your knowledge and appreciation of bananas by telling you a random fact about bananas when asked.

Banana Facts

Alexa, open Banana Facts

A fun skill with some neat facts about one of the healthiest fruits there is.

Banana Slug Facts

Alexa, ask Banana Slug Facts to tell me a fact.

This skill gives a random fact about Banana Slugs.

Banana Trivia

Alexa, Open Banana Trivia

This is a trivia game on bananas! Bananas are actually America's #1 fruit so play and learn about this fascinating fruit!


Alexa, tell me a fact from BananaGeek.

Want to know more about bananas? Add BananaGeek to Alexa to learn about them!

Banjo Quiz

Alexa, ask banjo quiz

A quiz about banjos.

Bank A.T.M. finder for New York State

Alexa, ask bank a. t. m. finder

Find bank institution atm's in New York State. By County, City or Zip Code. to get started simply say Alexa, ask Bank A. T. M finder

Barcelona Quiz

Alexa, ask Barcelona Quiz to start

Barcelona Quiz. A fun way to prepare for your holidays!

Bard Geek

Alexa, ask Bard Geek for a fact

This skill will provide you with interesting facts about everyone's favorite bard, Shakespeare.

Bargain Buddy

Alexa, ask Bargain Buddy for the Woot.

Find out the daily deal from merchants like Woot and Meh by asking Alexa.


Alexa, ask BarJoker for a joke about a giraffe.

Hear a 'walks into a bar' joke based on a word or phrase.

BART Control

Alexa, ask BART Control when the next Fremont train arrives

BART Control provides information such as arrival times, fare prices, advisories, and parking costs.

BART Status

Alexa, open BART Status

Gets current BART service advisories

BART Times

Alexa, open BART Times.

BART Times provides the times of the next trains between your home and destination stations and gives live Service Advisories and Elevator status information.

Baseball Archive

Alexa, ask Baseball Archive about Willie Mays

Get information and statistics for any player in the history of Major League Baseball. A sample request: "ask Baseball Archive about Willie Mays."

Baseball Facts

Alexa, ask Baseball Nerd for a fact

Baseball Facts is a simple skill to generate baseball facts.

Baseball Facts

Alexa ask Baseball Facts to give me a fact

Ask baseball facts for an interesting fact about baseball.

Baseball Flash Cards

Alexa, open Baseball Flash Cards.

Test your MLB knowledge with an entertaining flash card game!

Baseball Fun Fact

Alexa, open baseball fun fact

This alexa app tells the user some fun baseball facts

Baseball Live

Alexa, ask Baseball Live who is pitching for the Phillies today?

Detailed information about current major league baseball games and teams

Baseball Schedule

Alexa, ask Baseball Schedule for the Chicago Cubs

Baseball Schedule

Baseball Scores

Alexa, ask baseball scores who is leading the Mariners game

This skill is not sponsored in any way by Major League Baseball, but provides scores for MLB games on request.

Baseball Trivia

Alexa play Baseball Trivia

Baseball Trivia about the history of baseball in Boston.

Baseball Trivia

Alexa Launch Baseball Trivia

This is a quiz on baseball history.

Baseball Trivia

Alexa, open Baseball Trivia

Baseball trivia game with 200+ MLB and baseball history questions

Baseball Trivia App

Alexa, open baseball trivia

Test your knowledge of Baseball.

Baseball's Colorline Quiz

Alexa ask baseball colorline questions

A short quiz to teach the names of the pioneers who broke baseball's color line.

Basic Fortune Cookie Generator

Alexa, ask fortune cookie to tell me a quote

Quote Generator version 0.1

basic hindi tutor

Alexa, ask basic hindi tutor.

basic Hindi language tutor

Basic Statistics Terms

Alexa, ask basic statistics terms to tell me a term

Random basic statistics terms

Basket Savings

Alexa, ask Basket if whole milk is on sale near Arlington, VA.

With Basket, it's easier than ever to find local sale prices for your favorite grocery items.

Basketball Association facts

Alexa, open basketball facts

nba facts

Basketball Facts

Alexa, ask basketball facts to tell me a basketball fact

Basketball Facts

Basketball Facts

Alexa, ask basketball facts to give me a basketball fact

Ask Alexa about basketball!

Basketball Fun Fact

Alexa, open basketball fun fact

This lists basketball fun facts

Basketball quiz

alexa ask basketball quiz to start game

Quiz on basketball facts

Basketball Schedule

Alexa, ask Basketball Schedule for the Golden State Warriors

Basketball Schedule

Basketball Statistic

Alexa, open basketball statistic and tell me about basketball.

Get a 2016 NBA Statistic

Basketball Trivia

Alexa, start basketball trivia

Basketball trivia game

Basketball Trivia

alexa ask basketball trivia

Basketball Trivia Game


Alexa, start basketball flash cards

A basketball flash card game on the 2015-16 NBA season

Bat Facts

Alexa, open bat facts

Bat Facts

Batman Fan Facts

Alexa, start batman fan facts

This skill lets Alexa tell you a few bits of trivia about 'Batman'. This a fan made skill, not endorsed by the owners of Batman IP.


Alexa, ask battery boot where to buy it?

Everything you need to know about the Battery Boot which is the best and only battery Boot for your Echo.

Bay Area Transit for Caltrain

Alexa, ask Bay Area Transit for the next 3 trains from San Francisco to Palo Alto.

Alexa knows when Caltrain and BART are leaving next. Ask for multiple trains at once or for trains leaving some time in the future.

BBN info

Alexa, ask BBN for some info

BBN info will give you some information about the Gospel. BBN is a Christian Broadcasting International Ministry. For more details visit us:

BCD Style Recommender

Alexa, ask b. c. d. recommender what style bcd I should buy

BCD Style Recommender

Be Mindful

Alexa, Ask Be Mindful for a two minute meditation

Mindfulness meditations lasting 1, 2 3, or 5 minutes. These are guided meditations.

beagle fact

Alexa, ask beagle fact to tell me a fact.

Basic and interesting facts about beagles

Beagle Facts

Alexa, tell beagle facts to tell me a beagle fact

Fun facts about the Beagle dog.

Bean Jar - family rewards system

Alexa, tell Bean Jar to add ten points to Gryffindor

Manage a family or group rewards system, keeps track of points like a virtual "bean jar" for motivation. See

Beanie Boos Birthdays

Alexa, ask Beanie Boos when is Pippie's birthday?

Want to know when a Beanie Boo's birthday is? Ask Alexa!


Alexa, ask how many beans make five

This skill is an absolute must have for anybody who is unsure how many beans make five. An old English phrase passed down through generations of cultured Brits.


Alexa ask Boat Hand to Open Lights

Boat Hand helps you command Bearcat's features through Alexa Enabled Devices.


alexa launch beard trivia

Test your knowledge of beards with this fun and factual beard trivia game!

Beat Cylinder

Alexa, launch Beat Cylinder

Alexa shows off her beat-boxing skills. Ask for a beat by name ("phat", "old school", "electronic", etc.) or "random".

Beat The Dealer

Alexa, ask the dealer to deal the cards.

Beat the dealer in this game of Blackjack.

Beatles Facts

Alexa, open Beatles Facts

Beatles Facts provides facts about everybody's favorite fab 4

Beatrice Nebraska News 68310

alexa ask beatrice news what's new?

Local news, events, and happenings from Beatrice Nebraska and the surrounding area.


Alexa, open bed time.

Find out when to go to sleep to get the best rest.


Alexa, ask bee facts for a fact

Generate honey bee facts.

Beer Advisor

Alexa, tell Beer Advisor I'm drinking a Coors Light

Beer Advisor comments on your frosty brew!

Beer Bot

Alexa, open Beer bot

Looking for a locally crafted beer? Not sure what style is right for you? This skill helps find you the right tasty beverage as well as locations to try out.

Beer Facts

Alexa ask beer facts

Random beer facts!

Beer Geek

Alexa, ask beer geek to tell me a beer fact!

Ask beer geek for a beer fact!

Beer Goggles

Alexa, start Beer Goggles

Should you have another beer? Just ask Beer Goggles!

Beer Lover

Alexa, ask beer maid for a beer

Beer inspiration, quotes, and facts for lovers of brew.

Beer Meister

Alexa, open Beer Meister and surprise me.

Randomly suggest a beer from a specific style of beer. (21+)

Beer Trivia

Alexa, launch Beer Trivia

Think you know beer? Crack open a cold one and test your beer and brewing knowledge with Beer Trivia! DISCLAIMER: Beer trivia may not be suitable for all ages.


Alexa ask beer bot

This skill uses BeerBot to answer any questions about beer. This skill may not be suitable for all ages as it contains information about alcohol.


Alexa, start beer buzz

Prove your mastery of all things beer. Cheers!


Alexa ask beer geek

An alexa skill made to inform you all about the world of beer.

Before the Knot

Alexa, ask wedding topics for a marriage topic

Are you ready for marriage? This skill will help you find out by suggesting conversation topics you will want to discuss before taking the big step.

Beginners Method Cube Solver

Alexa, start cube solver

Steps to solve Rubik's Cube using beginners method

Belch Me

Alexa, open belch me

Alexa, Belch Me

Belfast Facts

Alexa, open Belfast Facts.

Some interesting facts about Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Belfast Facts

Alexa open belfast facts

An app that gives the user random facts about Belfast when requested

Believe-It-Or-Not Cat Facts

Alexa, ask cat facts to tell me a cat fact.

Believe-It-Or-Not Cat Facts will surprise you with interesting facts about cats!

Bell Quotes

Alexa, open Bell Quotes

Gets a random Funny Bell Quote

Bellingham Activities

Alexa, launch bellingham activities

Get suggestions or tips on great locations for common activities in Bellingham, WA.

Ben Facts

Alexa, open ben facts

Benjamin Franklin Facts Skill

Ben James

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Benchmark WOD by WIKIWOD

Alexa, ask WIKIWOD benchmarks what is Chelsea?

Benchmark and Hero series workouts from WIKIWOD database.


There are no example interactions for this skill.


Berlin Fact

Alexa, open Berlin fact.

Get a random fun fact about Berlin

Berlin Facts

Alexa, ask Berlin Facts to tell me something.

Berlin Facts

Berlin Facts

Alexa Open Berlin Facts

This will give you some facts about Berlin in Germany

Berlin Quiz

Alexa, start Berlin Quiz.

Put your knowledge about Berlin to the test!

Bernie Geek

Alexa, start bernie geek

Fun and quick facts about Bernie Sanders

best age of marriage

Alexa, open Best Age of Marriage

A quick quiz to tell you what is the best age for you to get married.

Best Movies

Alexa, ask best movies to search movies in nineteen eighty five

Best Movies ever

Best Picture Oscars The Last 30 Years

Alexa, start Best Picture Oscars.

Best Picture Oscars: The Last 30 Years

Best Time of Day to Workout Recommendation

Alexa, ask workout recommendation what is the best time to go running today

This application uses historical workout data to recommend the time of day where you are most likely to maximize workout intensity.

Betta Status

Alexa, open Betta Status

Quickly check the current status of your favorite developer tools like Twitter, Digital Ocean, and GitHub.

Better Life tips for modern living

Alexa start better life

Better Life - tips for modern living

Better With Bacon

Alexa open Better Bacon

The music of Better with Bacon


Alexa Ask Better Rates What are todays rates for California

Find out what is the mortgage interest rates for today!

BF Helper

Alexa, ask Basic Fantasy to roll a Thief.

A companion Skill for Basic Fantasy RPG players.


Alexa, ask the Bible App to read John 3 verse 16

The Bible App for Alexa can read Bible verses and chapters to you in your favorite Bible version.


Alexa, ask Bible Verses what does John 3:16 say?

Ask Alexa to read you a Bible verse by giving her a reference

bible characters

alexa, open bible characters

Gets information for a person named in the bible

Bible Game

Alexa, Play the Bible Game

Bible Study Game

Bible Glossary

Alexa, open bible glossary and search for the word Jehovah

Welcome to the Bible Glossary

Bible Quiz

Alexa, start bible quiz

Bible quiz

Bible Readings

Alexa, ask bible reading what's todays reading

Bible Reading provides the readings for today and tomorrow.

Bible Seeds and Such

Alexa, ask Bible Seeds for seeds

Learn a few selected Bible passages (about 20). I have memorized these, and they act as seeds, allowing the messages to grow within.

Bible Trivia

Alexa play Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia

Bible verse

Alexa, open bible verse and a new Verse

Bible Verse

Bible Verse

Alexa, open Bible Verse

Get a random bible verse

Bible Verse

Alexa, start bible verse

Recite a bible verse

Alexa, ask Bible Talk what I should teach Sunday

Have Alexa tell you the latest or most popular content added to or even have her tell you a what you should teach.


Alexa, ask bible verse to tell me a bible verse.

Listen to bible verses!

Big Data Skills

Alexa, open big data

Big Data facts (Predictive analytics) Quiz

Big Game Ultimate Trivia Quiz

Alexa, start Big Game

It's the 50th anniversary of football's biggest game. Test your Big Game knowledge with the ultimate Big Game trivia quiz!

Big O Buddy

Alexa, ask Big O Buddy what is the complexity for the heapsort algorithm

Big O Buddy tells you the time and space complexity of some of the most popular data structures and algorithms.

Big Sky

Alexa, open Big Sky.

Get hyper-local weather, hourly forecasts for your address using the Dark Sky API.

Works with international addresses!

Big Slap

Alexa, Ask Big Slap To Reset The Names

The Big Slap game is designed to reach through the Alexa and into your home for loads of laughs and fun family nights!


Alexa ask Big band trivia to start

Trivia about big bands, both what their signature song was (according to the band) and what they got to be known for, which weren't always the same thing.


Alexa, ask BigML to load the latest model

The BigML skill integrates with your BigML account and makes it possible to load a predictive model and make predictions using only voice control.


Alexa, ask big words trivia to start game

GRE synonyms test

Bike Finder

Alexa, ask Bike Finder how many bikes are available

Ask Alexa if there are bikes available at your favorite bike share station!

Bike Safety Tips

Alexa, ask bike safety for a fact.

Ask Bike Safety Tips for facts about riding safely on the road.

Bike Share

Alexa, ask Bike Share to add an address

Quickly find the closest bike share station with available bikes. Currently supports Citibike in NYC.

Bikes Facts

Alexa Open bikes facts

Are you interested in bikes? Jus use Bikes Facts to Know about the bikes.

Biking Wizard

Alexa, ask The Biking Wizard if I should go biking in Whistler today

Biking Wizard can tell you if the weather is right for a bike ride!

Billy the Random Number Goat

Alexa ask Billy Goat for a number.

Billy the Random Number Goat will provide you with a random number. If you don't provide a range, Billy Goat will choose a number between one and one hundred.

Bin Buddy

Alexa, ask Bin Buddy where to put envelopes.

Bin Buddy helps San Francisco residents know what goes in what bin.

Binary Clock

Alexa, ask Binary Clock what time it is

Alexa knows the time in binary!

Binary Converter

Alexa, ask Binary Converter to convert thirty one.

Quickly convert numbers into binary.


Alexa, open Bingo.

With the Bingo skill, Alexa will call the numbers for you. Each number is repeated and sent to the Alexa app as well. Get a free Bingo card at

Biology Facts

Alexa, open biology facts

Random facts about biology

biology test

Alexa, launch biology game

A simple biology game

Biology Trivia

Alexa, open biology trivia

Test your biology knowledge

Biology: Cell Organelles

Alexa, start biology flashcards

Flashcards to learn biology.


Alexa, open BioRhythm.

The BioRhythm skill will calculate your natural biorhythm for today for entertainment purposes. Alexa, ask BioRhythm for a reading for birthday November 2, 1993

Bird Fact

Alexa, open bird fact

Learn facts about birds

Bird Facts

Alexa ask bird facts a fact

Bird facts skill gives you interesting facts about our fine feathered friends.

Bird Facts

Alexa, ask bird keeper a bird fact

This skill helps you learn some interesting facts about Birds.

Bird Quiz

Alexa ask bird quiz to start game

A fun bird quiz.

Bird Song

Alexa, ask Bird Song for a blackbird

Plays a variety of beautiful bird songs and calls -- over 260 and growing! Includes a Name That Bird game plus a few hidden Easter eggs to keep things fun.

Bird Songs

Alexa, ask Bird Songs

Bird Songs plays the songs of the most common North American bird species.

Bird Trivia

Alexa, open Bird Trivia

Simple, fun bird trivia game.

Birthday Register

Alexa, ask birthday finder to get the names of famous people born on January twelfth

Find the names of famous people born on any given date

Bit Exchange

Alexa, ask bit exchange what the current rate is

Bit Exchange keeps you up to date with the current bitcoin exchange price.

Bitcoin Blockchain Facts

Alexa, open bitcoin blockchain facts

Bitcoin+Blockchain Facts is an introduction to digital currency and the Blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Exchange

Alexa, open bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin stock exchange rate and currency converter

Bitcoin Info

Alexa, ask bitcoin info for the latest bitcoin price

Get the latest price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price

Alexa, ask Bitcoin Price for the current price

Get the current price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Checker

Alexa, open Bitcoin Price Checker.

Ever wanted to check the Bitcoin exchange rate on your Amazon Echo? Now you can!

Bitcoin Price Finder

Alexa, ask Bitcoin Price what is the price of a bitcoin

BTC Price Finder

Bitcoin Rate

Alexa, open Bitcoin Rate

Bitcoin Rate provides the current value of 1BTC in your preferred base currency, along with useful Bitcoin market data.

Bitdog Voice

Alexa, ask Bitdog Voice for help

This skill enables you to control and query your Bitdog Z-Wave and other IoT devices.

Bites & Snacks

Alexa, ask bites and snacks for a snack

An Amazon Alexa skill to get a healthy snack idea to complement your daily nutrition plan.

Black History Facts

Alexa, ask Black History Facts to tell me a fact

This skill provides facts, first, and information about African Americans.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

Alexa, ask Basic Strategy what should eleven do against dealer ten

Provides a recommendation for a Blackjack hand based on Basic Strategy ("the book").

Blackjack Coach

Alexa, launch Blackjack Coach

Brush up on your Blackjack skills with this interactive, voice based blackjack coach. New scenarios added weekly! This skill may not be suitable for all ages.

Blackjack Dealer

Alexa, open Blackjack Dealer

Play the game of Blackjack with Blackjack Dealer as the dealer.

Blink for Home

Alexa ask Blink to arm my Home system

Blink is the one-of-a-kind, ultra-affordable, battery-powered, HD home security and video monitoring system. Learn more at

Block World Trivia

"Alexa ask Block World Trivia."

Ask Alexa to help you show off your crafting skills by answering over 30 different multiple choice questions.

Blockchain Ticker

Alexa, ask block chain ticker what's the price of bitcoin

Have an interest in the booming crypto-currency markets? Block chain ticker lets you check the price and market cap of many of the popular cryptos.

Blood Pressure Log

Alexa, ask b. p. log to save my blood pressure as one twenty over eighty

The Blood Pressure Log saves your Blood Pressure and gives you an average BP Reading.

Bloomberg Market Data and News

Alexa, open Bloomberg

The Bloomberg skill delivers security quotes, indices updates and the latest episode of Bloomberg Market Minute at your command.


Alexa ask city geek to tell me about bangalore

Some Facts about Bangalore

Blow My Mind on Water

Alexa, ask Blow My Mind on Water to tell me a fact about water.

Provides users a fun fact about water

Blow My Mind Space

Alexa, ask Blow My Mind Space to tell me a fact about space.

Provides user an amazing fact about space.


Alexa, launch Blow My Mind

Gives users a mind-blowing fact.


Alexa, tell Blue moo to press Watch TV

Make your voice a simple and powerful universal remote control. Change channels, hear show descriptions and press any remote button. iOS Only


Alexa, ask blue player to skip this song

The skill allows you control your Bluesound HiFi system with your voice.

BMW Connected

Alexa, open BMW.

Lock your BMW’s doors, prepare for your next trip, and more.

BMW Technology Group

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Bo's Resume

Alexa launch candidate Bo

Bo's Resume

Board Game Guide

Alexa, open Board Game Guide

Answer a series of questions to discover the perfect board game to play!

Board Gamer

Alexa, ask Board Gamer to choose a game

Get a random board game from your board game collection

Board Games Answers

Alexa, ask board games how many people can play Monopoly

Get answers to common board game rule questions.

Boat Facts

Alexa, ask Boat facts, give me a fact

Get fun facts about boats!

Boat War

Alexa, launch Boat War

Measure yourself to Alexa in Boat War!


Alexa, ask bodhisattva quiz to start game

A quiz game for Steely Dan lyrics. Hear the lyric, you match it up to the correct song.

body facts

Alexa, ask body facts to tell me a fact.

This skill provides fun facts about the human body.

Bodybuilding Geek

Alexa, Ask Bodybuilding Geek for a bodybuilding fact

A Skill that provides a random bodybuilding fact.

Bodybuilding Trivia

Alexa, open Body building Trivia

Bodybuilding Trivia


Alexa, open Bodybuilding Facts

Bodybuilding Facts


Alexa, open Body Geek

Body Geek is a collection of fun and unusual facts about the human body.

Bogan bot

Alexa, ask bogan bot for a quote

Bogan bot is as fair dinkum as a wigwam for a goose's bridle

Bollywood Insider

Alexa, ask Bollywood Insider what are the upcoming movies

Bollywood insider skill will help you find what are the upcoming movies. Or it can also provide information about movies released this week.

Bollywood Movie Trivia

Alexa, launch bollywood movie trivia

Bollywood Movie Trivia

Bollywood Quiz

Alexa start bollywood quiz

Bollywood Quiz

Bollywood Trivia

Alexa, launch Bollywood Trivia

Trivia about Bollywood

Bollywood Trivia

Alexa, open Bollywood Trivia

Bollywood Trivia is a fun-filled trivia game to test your knowledge on the Hindi film industry.

Bollywood Trivia Game

Alexa, ask bollywood trivia to start game

This is the Bollywood Trivia Game. Want to test your knowledge about bollywood movies, stars etc. or want to have just fun, this skill is for you.

Bomb Diffuser

Alexa, open bomb diffuser

Your goal is to cut the colored wires that diffuse the bomb. If you cut the wrong wire, it will explode. Guess correctly and you will save the day.


Alexa ask boo

Someone told a bad joke? Let them know with the Alexa boo Skill.

[Boo Boo Stati

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