Bash command line scripts to dump &restore a couchdb database

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Couchdb-dump (& restore)

It works on LINUX/UNIX, Bash based systems (MacOSx)

Bash command line script to EASILY Backup & Restore a CouchDB database

  • Needs bash
  • Dumped database is output to a file (configurable).

Quickstart (& quickend)

  • Backup:

bash -b -H -d my-db -f dumpedDB.json -u admin -p password

  • Restore:

bash -r -H -d my-db -f dumpedDB.json -u admin -p password

Why do you need it?

Surprisingly, there is not a straightforward way to dump a CouchDB database. Often you are suggested to replicate it or to dump it with the couchdb _all_docs directive.

But, using the _all_docs directive provides you with JSON which cannot be directly re-import back into CouchDB.

Hence, the goal of this script(s) is to give you a simple way to Dump & Restore your CouchDB database.

What can't it do?

Unfortunately, the script doesn't currently handle binary attachments- and documents which contain them will fail to import- ie:

{"_id":"4685ca2ba841112ed63ba386c0001e56","_rev":"2-e1432ed19858cdbc8b5c0c0bbf38f76a","value":"this is my binary document","_attachments":{"esxi.tgz":{"content_type":"application/x-compressed-tar","revpos":2,"digest":"md5-K1F3CiyZT2AjIaR3n7dFSQ==","length":1697995,"stub":true}}}

Results in:

{"error":"missing_stub","reason":"id:4685ca2ba841112ed63ba386c0001e56, name:esxi.tgz"}

This is a known limitation, and is discussed in #2


Usage: ./ [-b|-r] -H <COUCHDB_HOST> -d <DB_NAME> -f <BACKUP_FILE> [-u <username>] [-p <password>] [-P <port>] [-l <lines>] [-t <threads>] [-a <import_attempts>]
        -b   Run script in BACKUP mode.
        -r   Run script in RESTORE mode.
        -H   CouchDB Hostname or IP. Can be provided with or without 'http(s)://'
        -d   CouchDB Database name to backup/restore.
        -f   File to Backup-to/Restore-from.
        -P   Provide a port number for CouchDB [Default: 5984]
        -u   Provide a username for auth against CouchDB [Default: blank]
        -p   Provide a password for auth against CouchDB [Default: blank]
        -l   Number of lines (documents) to Restore at a time. [Default: 5000] (Restore Only)
        -t   Number of CPU threads to use when parsing data [Default: nProcs-1] (Backup Only)
        -a   Number of times to Attempt import before failing [Default: 3] (Restore Only)
        -V   Display version information.
        -h   Display usage information.

Example: ./ -b -H -d mydb -f dumpedDB.json -u admin -p password

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