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Polymer core-* elements wrapped or ported for Dart

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Core elements

Note: This package is for polymer.dart < 0.17

This package wraps the Polymer project's core elements, providing the following features:

  • Because the elements are bundled into a single pub package, you can add core_elements as a dependency in your pubspec. You don't need to install npm or bower.
  • Core elements that are either performance sensitive (like core-list) or use native objects that are difficult to use via dart:js (like core-ajax) have been ported to Dart.
  • The remaining core elements are wrapped with Dart proxy classes, making them easier to interact with from Dart apps.

You can find out more about core elements here:


This is an early access version of the core elements. The elements are still changing on both the JavaScript and Dart sides.

Using elements

All elements live at the top level of the lib/ folder.

Import into HTML:

<link rel="import" href="packages/core_elements/core_input.html">

Or import into Dart:

import 'package:core_elements/core_input.dart';


All examples are located in a separate repo,

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