Boilerplate made by David Hellmann

YO Generator dhBoilerplate

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      ddddddddd:::::d  h::::h hhhhh
    dd::::::::::::::d  h::::hh:::::hhh
   d::::::::::::::::d  h::::::::::::::hh
  d:::::::ddddd:::::d  h:::::::hhh::::::h
  d::::::d    d:::::d  h::::::h   h::::::h
  d:::::d     d:::::d  h:::::h     h:::::h
  d:::::d     d:::::d  h:::::h     h:::::h
  d:::::d     d:::::d  h:::::h     h:::::h
  d::::::ddddd::::::dd h:::::h     h:::::h
   d:::::::::::::::::d h:::::h     h:::::h
    d:::::::::ddd::::d h:::::h     h:::::h
     ddddddddd   ddddd hhhhhhh     hhhhhhh

   dhBoilerplate made with love & help.
   Author   :   David Hellmann
   Website  :
   Github   :


That's my own YO Generator who fits for my own requirements. Last year I go most of the time with CodeKit and a more oldsql workflow. Now, this one is more up to date :)


Actually the WordPress Version has no Focus. Craft CMS + Prototyping have priority! But you can use it, no problem.

Big thanks to Sascha Fuchs and his Kittn for a lot of help and inspiration. Also big thanks to Martin Herweg and his YO Generator that help me a lot too. And last but not least thanks to all members from our Slack Channel webdevs — feel free to join us.

What is inside

This three scenarios are covered by the generator:

  • Prototyping (with Twig)
  • WordPress with a basic Starter Kit (WordPress itself must be Installed by Hand after the first gulp init)
  • Craft CMS with a basic Starter Kit (Craft CMS itself must be Installed by Hand after the first gulp init)

Sass Functions

  • borderradius('level-x') or br('level-x')
  • boxshadow('level-x') or bs('level-x')
  • color('color-name') or c('color-name')
  • ease('easing-name') or e('easing-name')
  • fontfamily('font-name') or ff('font-name')
  • space(i) or s(i)
  • verticalrhythm(i) or vr(i)

Sass Mixins

  • @include center
  • @include clearfix
  • @include container('full') 'full' ist optional
  • @include cols(i)
  • @include filter(filter-name, value%)
  • @include fluid-type($properties, $min-vw, $max-vw, $min-value, $max-value) or @include ft($properties, $min-vw, $max-vw, $min-value, $max-value)
  • @include flexbox('full') or @include fb('full') 'full' is optional
  • @include flexcols(i) or @include fc(i)
  • @include fontsize('base', 1) or @include fs('base', 1)
  • @include gutter(i)or @include g(i)
  • @include pull(i)
  • @include push(i)
  • @include valign
  • @include visuallyhidden or @include vh


$ npm install -g generator-dhboilerplate


Jump in your Working Directory and type:

yo dhboilerplate

Run through the options. When you're done grab a coffee. The node module installation take a while :)

Install NPM Packages

npm install // yarn install

Initialize Project

gulp init  // npm run init OR yarn init

Default Task with BrowserSync

gulp // npm run dev OR yarn dev

Task for Building

This Task clean the folder, build the stuff from ground up and optimize the images and minifiy JS / CSS files. Ready for live!

gulp build // npm run build OR yarn build

Other Tasks

There are some other Tasks there…

"start": "gulp init",
"dev": "gulp",
"build": "gulp build",
"criticalcss": "gulp criticalcss",
"clean:dist": "gulp clean:dist",
"clean:templates": "gulp clean:templates",
"clean:images": "gulp clean:images",
"clean:js": "gulp clean:js",
"clean:css": "gulp clean:css",
"copy:fonts": "gulp copy:fonts",
"copy:images": "gulp images",
"copy:favicon": "gulp favicon",
"copy:svg": "gulp svg",
"copy:single": "gulp svg-single",
"copy:sprite": "gulp svg-sprite",
"copy:sysfiles": "gulp systemFiles",
"copy:templates": "gulp templates"

// Clean Tasks
// Clean the specific folder in the "___dist" dir
gulp clean:templates
gulp clean:css
gulp clean:js
gulp clean:images

// Main Tasks
// All this are triggered within "gulp init" & "gulp build" task.
// Some of this are triggered within the "gulp" task.
gulp templates
gulp systemFiles
gulp modernizr
gulp compile:js
gulp sass
gulp copy:fonts
gulp images
gulp svg-single
gulp svg-sprite

// Minify Tasks
// This task are triggered within the "guld build" task.
gulp minify:js
gulp minify:sass
gulp minify:images

Thanks to

  • webdevs - for so many things: Website
  • Sascha Fuchs - for help help help: Website
  • Martin Herweg - for help help help: Website
  • CSS Tricks - for Easing Map: Website
  • Florian Kutschera - for the Material Design Box Shadows: Website
  • Hugo Giraudel & Eduardo Bouças - for include media: Website
  • @LukyVj - for family.scss: Website
  • inuitcss - for some snippets and inspiration: website

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