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A mashup of Bootstrap 3.0 and's Square UI


This layout is derivative of’s Square UI theme. Purchase rights to this design at They deserve to get paid. Also, you’ll get access to all of the assets and components.

Designmodo has yet to release any markup/css, so I’ve gone ahead and done the Elements and Navigation pages.

Bootstrap Square UI Square UI & Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 This is a mashup.

See Square UI at

See basic Twitter Bootstrap docs at

See Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 notes at

##Build I swapped out Bootstrap’s Makefile build process with a Gruntfile instead. The Gruntfile is shorter, more readable, and frankly, I have no idea how to use Make. Sorry.

And Grunt supports liveload. Thank you Grunt. Thank you.

See Grunt docs at

##State of the Project ELEMENTS and NAVIGATION need a bit more cross-browser testing.

I do not intend to do any more of the pages. The COMPONENTS page are bound to be site-specific, and they would be far too much work.

Mobile browsers are currently a bit ugly up because the Bootstrap popups are not currently popping in front of the codeblocks below them.

I also had to do a bit of hackery to make the select look non-native. The arrows on the right do not actually open the select, because they’re an overlayed div. I know it’s yucky, but so are selects. Sorry. Compromises.

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A mashup of Bootstrap 3.0 and's Square UI ...

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