An MD5 module for your Varnish VCL

5 years after

This is a library that can be loaded into Varnish for exposing an md5 hash function. I had a need to call an md5 function on a string and stuff it into a Req header, so I wrote this library and figured out how to integrate it into Varnish.

To use this library you must take the following steps:

1 - Run "make all" to build the library 2 - Copy the example from the md5.vcl file in this repo and make sure the path to is in the right place 3 - Use (char*)md5_hash() via inline C wherever you need to call an MD5 hash

Example for Varnish 4 you can find inside md5_v4.vcl. In Varnish 4 you must enable -p vcc_allow_inline_c=true to enable inline C, which is disabled by default.

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