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Vagrant plugin that wraps "VBoxManage snapshot"


Vagrant plugin that exposes the VBoxManage snapshot command.

As of Q4 2015, the vagrant snapshot command is provided by core Vagrant. Consider using it in preference to this plugin.


Ensure you have Vagrant 1.1+ installed, then run:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbox-snapshot


The following commands are added by this plugin:

 vagrant snapshot take [vm-name] <SNAPSHOT_NAME>   # take snapshot, labeled by NAME
 vagrant snapshot list [vm-name]                   # list snapshots
 vagrant snapshot back [vm-name]                   # restore last taken snapshot
 vagrant snapshot delete [vm-name] <SNAPSHOT_NAME> # delete specified snapshot
 vagrant snapshot go [vm-name] <SNAPSHOT_NAME>     # restore specified snapshot


Other solutions

This plugin is primarily a port of vagrant-snap to Vagrant 1.1.


To develop on this plugin, do the following:

# get the repo, and then make a feature branch (REPLACE WITH YOUR FORK)
git clone
cd vagrant-vbox-snapshot
git checkout -b MY-NEW-FEATURE

# installs the vagrant gem, which is a dev dependency
bundle install 

# hack on the plugin
vim lib/vagrant-vbox-snapshot.rb # or any other file

# test out your changes, in the context provided by the development vagrant gem, and the local Vagrantfile.
bundle exec vagrant snapshot ...

# commit, push, and do a pull-request

See for the notes I compiled while developing this plugin.

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