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Preact Documentation Website

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Based on preact-boilerplate

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Application Structure

This website is built as a static-app, following the Application Shell pattern.


Content is fetched and rendered on the fly from Markdown documents located in content/. Documents can contain optional YAML FrontMatter for specifying page metadata or layout information. Once fetched, content is parsed using marked and rendered to VDOM via preact-markup.

Custom Elements

Since preact is used to render the Markdown content, HTML contained in a document reference any of the Components listed in src/components/widget.js as Custom Elements, useful for dynamic content.


Currently, the navigation menu and route handling is controlled by src/config.json. This is likely to change, but in the meantime it means any new pages must be linked from the "nav" section of the config.

Local Development

Clone & Install Dependencies

git clone
cd preact-www

npm install

Development Workflow

To start a live-reload development server:

PORT=8080 npm run dev

Any time you make changes within the src directory, it will rebuild and even refresh your browser.

Generate a production build in ./build:

npm run build



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