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A Ruby interface to GitHub API v2

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Octopi is a Ruby interface to GitHub API v2 (http://develop.github.com).

To install it as a Gem, just run:

$ sudo gem install octopi

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Authenticated Usage

Seamless authentication using .gitconfig defaults

If you have your ~/.gitconfig file in place, and you have a [github] section (if you don't, take a look at this [GitHub Guides entry][http://github.com/guides/tell-git-your-user-name-and-email-address], you can use seamless authentication using this method:

authenticated do 
  repo = Repository.find(:name => "api-labrat", :user => "fcoury")

Explicit authentication

Sometimes, you may not want to get authentication data from ~/.gitconfig. You want to use GitHub API authenticated as a third party. For this use case, you have a couple of options too.

1. Providing login and token inline:

authenticated_with :login => "mylogin", :token => "mytoken" do 
  repo = Repository.find(:name => "api-labrat", :user => "fcoury")
  issue = repo.open_issue :title => "Sample issue", 
    :body => "This issue was opened using GitHub API and Octopi"
  puts issue.number

2. Providing login and password inline:

authenticated_with :login => "mylogin", :password => "password" do 
  repo = Repository.find(:name => "api-labrat", :user => "fcoury")
  issue = repo.open_issue :title => "Sample issue", 
    :body => "This issue was opened using GitHub API and Octopi"
  puts issue.number

3. Providing a YAML file with authentication information:

Use the following format:

# Octopi GitHub API configuration file

# GitHub user login and token
login: github-username
token: github-token

# Trace level
# Possible values:
#   false - no tracing, same as if the param is ommited
#   true  - will output each POST or GET operation to the stdout
#   curl  - same as true, but in addition will output the curl equivalent of each command (for debugging)
trace: curl

And change the way you connect to:

authenticated_with :config => "github.yml" do

Anonymous Usage

This reflects the usage of the API to retrieve information on a read-only fashion, where the user doesn't have to be authenticated.

Users API

Getting user information

user = User.find("fcoury")
puts "#{user.name} is being followed by #{user.followers.join(", ")} and following #{user.following.join(", ")}"

The bang methods followers! and following! retrieves a full User object for each user login returned, so it has to be used carefully.

user.followers!.each do |u|
  puts "  - #{u.name} (#{u.login}) has #{u.public_repo_count} repo(s)"

Searching for user

users = User.find_all("silva")
puts "#{users.size} users found for 'silva':"
users.each do |u|
  puts "  - #{u.name}"

Repositories API

repo = user.repository("octopi") # same as: Repository.find("fcoury", "octopi")
puts "Repository: #{repo.name} - #{repo.description} (by #{repo.owner}) - #{repo.url}"
puts "      Tags: #{repo.tags and repo.tags.map {|t| t.name}.join(", ")}"


repos = Repository.find_all("ruby", "git")
puts "#{repos.size} repository(ies) with 'ruby' and 'git':"
repos.each do |r|
  puts "  - #{r.name}"

Issues API integrated into the Repository object:

issue = repo.issues.first
puts "First open issue: #{issue.number} - #{issue.title} - Created at: #{issue.created_at}"

Single issue information:

issue = repo.issue(11)

Commits API information from a Repository object:

first_commit = repo.commits.first
puts "First commit: #{first_commit.id} - #{first_commit.message} - by #{first_commit.author['name']}"

Single commit information:

puts "Diff:"
first_commit.details.modified.each {|m| puts "#{m['filename']} DIFF: #{m['diff']}" }



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Thanks guys!


Copyright (c) 2009 Felipe Coury. See LICENSE for details.

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