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A privacy-aware, distributed, open source social network.


A privacy-aware, distributed, open source social network

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You don't have to install diaspora to use the network. There are many servers connected to diasporas network which are open to anyone, and you can create an account on one of these servers. Have a look at our tips for finding a home, or you can just go straight to the list of open servers to sign up.

Want to own your data and install diaspora*? Whether you just want to try it out, want to install it on your server or want to contribute and need a development setup, our installation guides will get you started!


Have a look at our FAQs for users, for pod administrators or for developers.

Still haven't found an answer? Talk to us! Read how we communicate. We're here to answer all your questions.


To keep diaspora* growing and improving we need all help we can get. Whether you can contribute code, ideas, translations, bug reports or simply extend the community as a helpful user or pod administrator, your help is welcome!

Everyone interacting in diaspora’s codebases, issue trackers, chat rooms, the wiki, and the Discourse is expected to follow the diaspora* code of conduct.


Found a security issue? Please disclose it responsibly. We have a team of developers listening to [email protected]. The PGP fingerprint is AB0D AB02 0FC5 D398 03AB 3CE1 6F70 243F 27AD 886A.

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