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Extends the Django Admin to include a extensible dashboard and navigation menu

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django-admin-tools is a collection of extensions/tools for the default django administration interface, it includes:

  • a full featured and customizable dashboard;
  • a customizable menu bar;
  • tools to make admin theming easier.

The code is hosted on Github <>_.

Django-admin-tools is generously documented, you can browse the documentation online <>. a good start is to read the quickstart guide <>.

The project was created by David Jean Louis <> and was previously hosted on Bitbucket <>.

Please join the mailing list <>_ if you want to discuss of the future of django-admin-tools.


django-admin-tools requires Python 2.7 or Python 3.3 or newer and Django 1.7 or newer.

For older python and django versions please use the 0.5.2 version of django-admin-tools which is available on Pypi.


To install django-admin-tools, run the following command inside this directory:

python install

If you have the Python easy_install utility available, you can also type the following to download and install in one step::

easy_install django-admin-tools

Or if you're using pip::

pip install django-admin-tools

Or if you'd prefer you can simply place the included "admin_tools" directory somewhere on your python path, or symlink to it from somewhere on your Python path; this is useful if you're working from a Mercurial checkout.

An installation guide <>_ is available in the documentation.


Extensive documentation <> is available, it was made with the excellent Sphinx program <>


There is a a transifex project <>_ for django-admin-tools.


The django admin login screen:

.. image:: :alt: The django admin login screen

The admin index dashboard:

.. image:: :alt: The admin index dashboard

The admin menu:

.. image:: :alt: The admin menu

Dashboard modules can be dragged, collapsed, closed etc.:

.. image:: :alt: Dashboard modules can be dragged, collapsed, closed etc.

The app index dashboard:

.. image:: :alt: The app index dashboard

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