Extreme Carpaccio

This exercise merges two well known exercises: Extreme Startup and Elephant Carpaccio.

À la Extreme Startup, someone’s computer plays the central server role and start sending HTTP requests to participant computers. Each request is in fact a purchasing order and participants should calculate the order’s total amount and answer the server. For every good response the participant earn points and increase his score. For bad responses, penalties are applied and the participant lose some points. Therefore, as a participant, you need to try to slice the problem and go to production with a small part of the problem solved as soon as possible in order to start collecting points. People that don’t slice and put into production only once the whole problem is implemented risk to take too much time before scoring, leaving the way free to other teams. Slice the problem, try to go live as soon as possible and start collecting feedbacks, this is the Elephant Carpaccio part.

Ready for the challenge?

If you are a participant, go to the clients/ directory to get more instructions and learn how to play.

If you are a facilitator, go to the server/ directory to find out how to run a workshop.

Have fun :)

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