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Lessons about the Elixir programming language

Elixir School License

Lessons about the Elixir programming language, inspired by Twitter's Scala School.

Lessons can now be viewed on ElixirSchool.com.

Feedback and participation is welcome. Please see Contributing for more details on how to get involved.


ElixirSchool.com is generated using Jekyll. To run locally you need both Ruby and Bundler installed.

  1. Install dependencies:

    $ bundle install
  2. Update url in _config.yml to match your machine:

    title: Elixir School
    description: Lessons about the Elixir programming language
    baseurl: /
    url: http://localhost:4000
  3. Run Jekyll:

    $ bundle exec jekyll s
  4. Read it at http://localhost:4000


In addition to the steps above there are a few addition steps required for translation.

New Language

  1. Create a folder using the 2 character code (e.g. jp, en, es, etc) with lesson subfolders:

    $ cd elixir_school
    $ mkdir -p jp/lessons/{basics,advanced,specifics}
    $ touch jp/lessons/{basics,advanced,specifics}/.gitignore
  2. Update _config.yml by including the 2 character code in languages and adding translations to sections, description and toc:

    languages: ['en', 'jp']
    default_lang: en
    exclude_from_localization: []
    - tag: basics
        en: Basics
        jp: 基本
    en: Lessons about the Elixir programming language
    jp: プログラミング言語Elixirのレッスン
    en: Table of Contents
    jp: 目次
  3. If the new language is RTL (right-to-left) it should also be added to the rtl_languages list:

    rtl_languages: ['ar']
  4. Add it to list in index.md:

    Available in [Việt ngữ][vi], [汉语][cn], [Español][es], [Slovenčina][sk], [日本語][jp], [Polski][pl] [Português][pt], [Русском][ru] and [Bahasa Melayu][my] and other.

Translated Lesson

  1. Translated lessons must include lang: XX in the page meta data. For example /jp/lessons/basics/basics.md:

    layout: page
    title: 基本
    category: basics
    order: 1
    lang: jp

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