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| |Version| |Downloads| |Build Status| |Coverage| <>__ is an open-source WAMP <>__ application router that allows to build advanced applications from loosely-coupled components that can talk in real-time with each other.

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-   v0.11.1 zip tar
-   v0.11.0 zip tar
-   v0.10.4 zip tar
-   v0.10.3 zip tar
-   v0.10.2 zip tar
-   v0.9.12 zip tar
-   v0.9.12-2 zip tar
-   v0.9.11 zip tar
-   v0.9.10 zip tar
-   v0.9.9 zip tar
-   v0.9.8 zip tar
-   v0.9.8-5 zip tar
-   v0.9.8-3 zip tar
-   v0.9.8-2 zip tar
-   v0.9.7 zip tar
-   v0.9.7-6 zip tar
-   v0.9.7-5 zip tar
-   v0.9.7-4 zip tar
-   v0.9.7-3 zip tar
-   v0.9.7-2 zip tar
-   v0.9.6 zip tar
-   v0.9.6-2 zip tar
-   v0.9.5 zip tar
-   v0.9.4 zip tar
-   v0.9.4-3 zip tar
-   v0.9.4-2 zip tar
-   v0.9.3 zip tar
-   v0.9.2 zip tar
-   v0.9.1 zip tar
-   v0.9.0 zip tar